5 Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Brokenhearted Friend

Winter is coming, not in a Game of Thrones way, though. But winter in our world is just around the corner. The weather is going to be colder again. But you can make it feel warm if you’re with somebody. You can cuddle up with your significant other during the winter nights.

But have you ever thought of your single friend? Well, you may want to consider if they’re going to feel alone during the winter holidays. In fact, holiday sadness is a thing, and there are many contributing factors to it. What more if your friend is single, or they just went through a breakup? You may want to check on them.

While looking after them, you can give your friend simple gifts to make their holidays a little happier. Make them feel less alone. Do this by giving them some stuff that’ll bring sunshine during the cold winter days. Here are some wonderful and inexpensive gift ideas you can provide them with this winter holiday.

Things to Make Them Sleep Pleasantly

Sometimes, it’s hard to sleep when you’re alone. Not to mention if you’re dealing with a broken heart. Make sleeping easier for your single friend by gifting them. You can gift them a weighted blanket for them to snuggle. A weighted blanket can give them a lot of benefits, including stress and anxiety reduction. It’s also said to improve sleep quality. You can pair that gift with a pillow your friend can hug during cold winter nights. Hugging a soft pillow is one of the most comforting feelings your lonely friend could have. Give them these presents to make them sleep better. They should get enough rest.

Comfort Food

Some people cope with breakups through eating, as it can give them a satisfying feeling. Your friend may be one of those people. Be considerate and give them something scrumptious to eat during these times. You can gift them a ramen kit that’ll be perfect for the winter. There are also hot pot kits you can buy for your friend. Let them have a hot soup to ease the loneliness. Match the cold winter weather with a hot beverage from popular coffee shops like Beans & Brews Coffee House and bring your friend some. Enjoy the afternoon talking about your goals. Prepare salad for them and make them eat some meat for more energy. There’s nothing more relieving for a foodie than eating their favorite foods. Make them forget their heartaches for a while.

Something That’ll Distract Them

Divert their attention for them to think less of their heartbreak during winter. Give them presents that’ll make them focus on one thing. Perhaps a book can help them become more imaginative. Buy something they can read while dealing with their heartaches. This may make their mind focus more on reading until they forget their problem. If your friend is into video games, buy her one for the holiday. You can beat the game with your friend and make it your bonding time. They’ll surely appreciate you staying with them through their dark winter days.

Tools for Their Passion

Another way to divert focus is by doing what you love. Your brokenhearted friend may want to reignite their passion. This could be the best time to make them revisit some hobbies they were once so into. Maybe your friend is into painting. Get them drawing materials such as a stretched canvass board and a new set of painting brushes. Gift your friend a ukulele if they’re into learning the instrument. It’s also possible that your friend is obsessed with cleaning. You can give them cleaning materials for their hobby. Go crafting with them during your free time. Create a scrapbook by collecting your memories as friends during the winter. It’s going to be a fun read when spring comes. There are so many gifts you can give your friend based on their hobbies. Divert their focus by making them busy with their passion.

Stuff to Promote Self-love

friend discussing with his broken hearted friend

Since you can’t always be with your friend, you must remind them to take care of themselves when you’re not around. Give them self-pampering kits to keep them healthy looking on the outside. Fancy bath soaps and their favorite perfume would do. Look into their skincare routine list and see if you can buy them any item from it. Being lonely during the winter could get them down. Inspire them to make themselves look dashing every day. Give them the motivation to love themselves more during this time.

While most of these gift recommendations are inexpensive, there’s one thing you can give them that’s the cheapest. It’s so affordable you can even give it to your friend for free. That’s your support. Being there for your friend during a heartbreak may help them cope faster. You don’t always have to be there physically cause some want to deal with heartbreak alone. Just express your support, and that’s going to be your greatest gift for them this holiday.


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