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Creating your own unique style is not easy for everyone. However, it should not feel scary or intimidating. There are simple strategies on how to put together a whole look to show off your own personal style. As long as you emphasize your own uniqueness in the way you dress, you’ll always look and feel awesome. Here are some style tips to bring out your unique look:

Choose Locally-made Jewelry


Local jewelry is more unique and has higher quality than commercially-made ones. Huge retailers tend to focus more on quantity rather than quality, while local jewelers deeply care about the quality of each piece they create. You can also choose from a wide selection of custom designs that will fit your preferences and show off your personal style. Here are other reasons why local jewelry is the better choice:

  • They Emphasize Your Unique Style: You’ll have various design choices that are not common, so you’ll be able to wear pieces that are one-of-a-kind. From the shape, texture, color, and stones, local jewelers offer a wide array of choices that will match your style and personality.
  • You’ll Get High-quality Pieces: Local jewelry stores usually hand-select their materials from reputable sources, so each piece is high-quality and special. Independent makers take pride in their craft and consider each customer equally special. When you pair a local, high-quality jewelry piece with your outfit, you’ll be able to express your personal style with confidence.

Find the Right Color Palette for You

Finding out your signature colors that complement your skin tone will help set up your personal style. When you build your wardrobe around those colors, your outfits will indeed look perfect on you. Once you find out which colors suit you, pick out your favorites that make you feel good and resonate with your personality. Here are some tips on how to experiment with your color palette:

  • Colorblocking: Colorblock dressing involves maintaining the main color to a piece of clothing, with a color combination of about two colors in your outfit. This is considered a foolproof formula that makes you look polished with minimal effort. A great way to facilitate colorblock dressing is to have colored shirts, shorts, and other small items, then mix them with neutral basics like a leather jacket or denim jeans.
  • Print Matching: Prints with different colors can be tricky to pair with your outfits. A simple way is to pick the colors from your print and match them with the other items you’re wearing. Keeping the rest of your ensemble simple will simplify the color palette. There may be many exceptions to the rule, but the important thing is to experiment with colors that suit your look rather than just adhering to trending colors.
  • Tonal Dressing: Tonal dressing is choosing a single color and then wearing items in different shades of that particular color in one outfit. You can also create lesser or greater contrast by picking colors that are closer or further in shade or adding white or black pieces to the outfit.

Add More Character With Accessories

Adding accessories to your outfit is an excellent way of showing off parts of your personality without looking overdressed. These little trinkets convey a lot about you, and they are usually inexpensive, so you can consider stocking up. This way, you’ll have various choices that you can pair with your outfit to enhance your look.

Emphasize Your Best Outfits

Sometimes, even a great style can be underappreciated or forgotten. So if you find a great look that makes you feel good, take note of it to help you remember which outfit looks good on you and which accessories make your style stand out. This can serve as a guide for your future outfit ideas and to consistently make you look put together.

You should always have staple pieces that help you create a unique style. They should be versatile to be paired with any piece, such as staple pants, classic white tee, good quality denim, and a classic blazer. These easily accessible items should glam you up quickly without too much effort.

These tips will help you create your best outfits that will eventually bring out the best version of yourself. There are various fashion trends that always change, but the important thing is to know which style makes you unique and comfortable. Avoid comparing your style with other people because everyone has a unique personal taste. Just embrace your personality and wear what makes you feel good—this is the greatest style tip of all.


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