10 Important Services Touring Musicians Should Invest In

Road tours for musicians can be pretty tough. They have many tricky things to deal with, like legal issues and planning headaches. So, we will talk about ten important services that can make a musician’s tour a lot smoother and more fun. Getting these services on board means musicians can worry less about the boring stuff and put all their energy into rocking their shows. Whether it’s your first time hitting the road or you’ve been doing it for ages, knowing about and using these key services is super important.

1. Legal Protections

For musicians who travel and perform a lot, dealing with all the paperwork, like contracts and rights, can get tricky. Investing in robust legal protections through a reliable attorneys office is crucial. A good lawyer can help make sense of all the complicated stuff, from making deals to protecting your songs and shows, making sure you don’t lose money. When you work with a lawyer who really gets the music scene, they pay close attention to what you need.

This is one of the important services that offer peace of mind, allowing musicians to focus on their performances without worrying about legal entanglements. If anything goes wrong, they’ve got your back in any fights over rights or contracts. And, if you’re planning to tour other countries, they can give you advice that’s worth its weight in gold, helping you handle laws in different places. In short, having legal help isn’t just nice to have; it’s a must for musicians on tour. It keeps everything in check legally, so you can stick to the music.

2. Portable Energy Sources

When you’re touring, having power all the time is a must-have, especially for musicians with all their gear. Think about getting portable power sources, like heating oil delivery, to keep your tour bus, equipment, and places you perform juiced up, no matter where you are. This move is not just about keeping the lights on. It’s also better for the planet because you’re not always using the power places offer, which might not be that green. Having your own portable power is a big deal because it means your show can go on anywhere.

Handling your power needs on your own cuts down on waiting around and problems during the tour. It makes the whole tour work better and safer. You can match the power setup to what your tour needs, which is super handy. And, over time, you might even save some cash since you’re not paying a lot for using power at the places you perform. So, it’s a smart move for any musician hitting the road.

3. Medical Care

Going on tour can be tough on the body, and getting to a doctor fast for things like foot injury treatment is super important. Musicians have to rock out in places where it’s easy to get hurt, so it’s a big deal to have a doctor nearby. If you team up with doctors or have one come along with you on tour, you can get help right away if you need it. This is not just about fixing problems but also stopping new ones from popping up. Important services like this are a big deal for any artist on the road, making sure they can give their all at every show.

Having a doctor ready means you won’t have to pause your tour because someone got sick, which can save time and money. And, getting care that fits what the tour is all about, from regular doctor visits to handling emergencies, is a game-changer. Knowing that you’ve got medical help ready to go lets musicians chill more about their health and put all their energy into putting on an awesome show.

4. Clean Water

Actually, having clean water is super important, not just for drinking but also for keeping everyone healthy on a music tour. This means that water treatment systems are a must-have. They make sure the water for drinking, cooking, and washing up is safe. This is extra important when the tour stops are in places where the water might not be so clean. Such systems are another example of important services that enhance the well-being of touring musicians. When you’ve got clean water all the time, it stops people from getting sick from bad water, which can happen worldwide. Staying healthy keeps everyone’s energy up and keeps the tour going smoothly.

And, there’s this cool thing about portable water cleaners – they can be set up just how the tour needs them. This means the tour can always have clean water without having to rely on whatever’s available locally, which might not be the best or could even be expensive. This is not just good for keeping everyone on the tour healthy but also helps the tour be greener and less wasteful.

5. Trailer Rentals

For musicians on the road, moving around easily and changing plans quickly is super important. That’s why renting trailers is a smart move. It means they can take their gear, trailer parts, merch, and stuff from place to place without a hassle. This one of the important services really helps to keep the tour running smoothly. Being able to count on the trailers to work well because they’re looked after and fixed up when needed means less worrying about something going wrong. And the cool part? These trailers can be set up however the band needs—like for hauling big speakers or making sure there’s enough room for all the costumes. This makes it way easier for musicians to make their shows awesome. Also, renting trailers is usually cheaper than buying and taking care of them on your own, which is great for bands that don’t always hit the road.

6. Gear Rental

Getting the right gear is super important for any musician. But, let’s face it, buying all that cool stuff and moving it around can really hit the wallet hard and be a big pain. This is where renting gear comes in as a game-changer. Whether it’s a sound system, lights, or even special stuff like a cabinet, renting means you can get your hands on the latest and greatest without breaking the bank.

No need to lug heavy stuff all over the place, which is a big plus, especially if you’re going on tour. The folks that rent out this gear usually look after it, so it works like a charm when you’re up on stage. Important services like this are a huge deal if you’re playing shows in other countries because who wants to deal with shipping big items overseas? By renting, you can make sure you’ve got exactly what you need for where you’re playing, making your performance even better and your fans super happy.

7. Prop Engineers

Props and the look of a show are huge deals, kind of like how the music is key, too. So, having people who are super good at making and managing stage props is a must-have for bands on tour. These folks make and take care of everything from simple decorations to super cool gadgets for the stage. Picture this: a spooky headstone for a show that’s all about that gothic vibe. This service is one of the important services that contribute to a memorable audience experience.

And it’s not just about making stuff. Prop engineers can tweak their creations to fit perfectly with the show’s theme or where it’s happening, which means every show gets its own special touch. They’ve got the know-how to get all these props from one place to another and set them up just right, no sweat. This is a big deal because without them, getting all these props ready and looking good could be really hard. With prop engineers on their team, musicians can just focus on their music, knowing the visual magic is all taken care of and ready to wow the crowd.

8. Wardrobe Experts

For a lot of music stars, how they dress is a big deal when it comes to their stage persona. So, there’s this job – think of it as a clothes wizard or a custom patch creator – that’s all about making their outfits pop on stage. Wardrobe experts are another one of the important services that enhance not only the aesthetic appeal but also the functionality of performance attire.

Having someone like this on your team is more than just about looking good. Sure, that’s part of it, but it’s also about making sure the performers can move freely and comfortably while they are on stage. If something goes wrong with an outfit, they’re right there to fix it fast, which is super important when you’re touring.

And, let’s not forget, putting money into this kind of help makes the whole look of the show consistent and slick. This really matters because it’s one of the things that can make the audience like the show even more and make the whole tour a big hit. Basically, having wardrobe pros on board means every show looks amazing and runs smoothly.

9. Transportation Services

Heading out on a tour? Well, getting around without a hitch means you’ll need some top-notch rides. Picture this: you’re hitting up city after city, jamming from one venue to the next. What you’re gonna want is a real reliable way to cruise around. Think about grabbing a solid, used RV. It’s like taking a slice of home on the road with you. Plus, everyone and everything gets where it needs to be, safe and sound, and right on time. And let’s be real when you’re on a tight tour schedule, that kind of dependability is gold.

Now, having your own wheels means you can dodge those pesky travel snags way easier. It’s all about keeping the stress low and the tour vibes smooth. And get this, being able to pick your path and manage those travel bucks better? That’s a big win. It means more cash in your pocket and less hassle. Cruising in style means everyone’s happier and healthier on those long stretches between gigs.

So, investing in some reliable transport? It’s a no-brainer for musicians on the move. It’s all about making the journey as slick as the show, ensuring you and your crew roll up, ready to rock every time.

10. Event Management

A great tour needs smart planning, especially when it comes to the little things that make a concert run smoothly. Services like pavement striping are crucial for organizing large events and helping to manage parking and crowd control efficiently. This might seem like a small detail, but it is one of the important services that contribute to the safety and organization of event spaces, enhancing the overall concert experience for attendees.

Good planning covers everything. It’s about selling tickets, setting up the venue, taking care of things while the concert is happening, and even cleaning up afterward. This makes sure the tour looks good and can be trusted for future gigs. When musicians invest in skilled planners, they don’t have to worry about the details. They can just focus on their show. These planners are great at dealing with problems before they even start. They know how to work with local rules and keep everyone safe. That way, every part of the show is top-notch, professional, and unforgettable.

Final Thoughts

Going on tour is super exciting but also really hard work for musicians. Making it big relies a lot on having the right support for both the creative stuff and the planning bits. Think about everything from making sure you’ve got a lawyer to having clean drinking water, getting from place to place, and putting on the actual shows. Each part is super important in making the tour fun and smooth for the musicians, their team, and the fans too.

Putting money into these areas means everything on the tour can run like clockwork. This lets the artists do what they do best — rock out on stage. As music stuff keeps changing, leaning on these important services is getting even more essential. It’s what makes a tour work well. Musicians who get this and invest in these key services have a way better shot at handling tour challenges and making a big splash in their music journeys.


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