Bella Hadid’s Body: Her Fitness and Health Journey Explained

Everyone knows who Bella Hadid is. At 24 years old, she’s already one of the world’s most popular supermodels. Hadid has strutted countless runways, been on the cover of many magazines and has graced many high-end endorsements with her face. When you think of a “supermodel,” she’s one of the many faces that appear to mind.

What everyone doesn’t know, however, is the story of Bella Hadid and her body. Many praise the model for being “naturally sexy without putting much effort.” People on the other side of the spectrum (aka anti-fans of the supermodel), on the other hand, claim that Hadid and other models like her pressure the general public to become super skinny through their publicized celebrity diets and workouts.

On the contrary, Bella Hadid’s body has gone through a lot.

From keeping up with her modeling career to battling Lyme disease, the supermodel’s fitness journey isn’t an easy one. But it is worth following, especially if you want to live a healthier lifestyle.

NOTE: All bodies are beautiful. A “Bella Hadid Body Bootcamp” should not be done to change your body completely. Rather, use her techniques to stay fit and healthy. Be inspired to live healthier, but don’t drastically change everything about yourself.

How Did Bella Hadid Lose Weight?

Bella Hadid before and after weight loss

Currently, Bella Hadid has impressive body statistics. She is 1.74 m. tall (5’8.5 inches or 174 cm). Her weight stands at 55kg or 121.2 pounds.

But Bella Hadid wasn’t always like this before. In an interview with Grazia, the supermodel reveals that her weight drastically fluctuates every now and then. A huge contrast to her public image, Hadid suffers insecurities from her “small ass” and “flat chest” due to her fluctuating weight, which could be a symptom of her Lyme disease (Just ask actress Amy Schumer. She can relate).

Lyme disease is a bacterial disease caused by an infected tick. It is a debilitating condition since it can cause serious symptoms, such as heart palpitations, rashes, joint swelling and pain, shooting pains, dizziness, shortness of breath and weight loss.

Hadid was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012. Calling it “the invisible disease,” the supermodel shared to Elle that she experienced all the symptoms of the disease at the age of 14, which became more aggressive once she turned 18.

In the years since her diagnosis, Hadid has been hospitalized, bed-ridden and used many IV drips to manage her condition. At the same time, she continued to pursue a successful modeling and fashion career. She became one of the most in-demand models of her generation, strutting the runways for the likes of Chanel, Dior, Versace and Tommy Hilfiger.

To handle her demanding schedule and Lyme’s disease, the supermodel maintains a healthy lifestyle. Bella Hadid’s body is a result of her discipline, diet and determination to get better. Apart from keeping her in shape for her modeling job, her workout and dietary practices have kept Bella healthy and happy.

How Much Does Bella Hadid Work out? Her Workout Routine

Bella Hadid’s workout routine lasts two hours every day, which is a standard for models. But if Hadid has an upcoming fashion show, she’ll work out for three hours.

Unlike other supermodels like her, Hadid is not a big fan of doing yoga. While yoga is calming (and a stereotypical workout for models), she prefers to go for the “hard” workouts. Currently, her favorite workout is cardio and strength training. According to her trainer Joe Holder, he and Hadid focus on specific areas of her body like her glutes, hamstrings and posterior chain.

Bella Hadid is also a big fan of boxing. She trains with her coach for intensive sessions. Her normal routine starts with her running for 20 minutes, followed by boxing sessions and a series of weight training routines.

“How can I lose my tummy fast if I’m not a model?” you may ask. Fortunately, Hadid’s two hours aren’t mandatory. For most women, 30 to 45 minutes of regular exercise a day can get you started. If you don’t have two hours to spare for a workout, don’t be hard on yourself. Remember: models like Bella Hadid do modeling for a living. Average women need not push themselves to the limit.

The Bella Hadid Diet: What Does It Look Like?

bowl of healthy food

To stay in shape and in good condition, Hadid’s diet is rich in fats, protein and plenty of vegetables (particularly the non-starchy ones). Her diet is a bulletproof way of ensuring she stays toned and fit.

Her impeccably organized refrigerator speaks much about her diet. Her 2018 Instagram story showed a well-arranged fridge that contained dietitian-approved foods. She showed a lineup of packaged raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, as well as plastic cartons of celery sticks and baby carrots.

Since she has low blood sugar, the supermodel has to eat all the time. During her magazine shoots, she’ll usually take an hour-long break to have her chicken, salmon, pasta or veggie lunch. Hadid’s meals are often rich in protein so she can fill up her energy. She also eats protein before and after her workouts to maximize the effect of her exercises.

According to Hadid’s nutritionist, Dr. Charles Passler, he puts her and his other clients on a high-protein program so they can stay lean and active. Her diet contains an adequate amount of fat, protein and plenty of starchy vegetables. By consuming more protein and eliminating the carbs, Hadid’s diet keeps her calories down while keeping her energy levels up.

Bella Hadid also enjoys her fair share of green juice. She keeps bottles of green juice and kale shots in a cooler when she’s on set. When she feels low, she’ll drink a bottle to energize.

While her diet sounds like “nothing but rabbit food,” Bella Hadid knows how to indulge in her favorite treats as a normal person. She’s a big pizza lover. In a 2016 interview with Women’s Wear Daily, she confessed to having a slice of pizza almost every day. She is also unafraid to shove a donut when she feels like it. And for breakfast, if she doesn’t feel like cooking, Bella Hadid will gladly eat an egg sandwich on a plain bagel.

The supermodel is also an avid coffee drinker. If you can drink three espressos before noon, so can Bella.

The Bella Hadid Body Experience: Your Takeaways from Her Diet and Routine

So, if you are inspired to be as fit and healthy as Bella Hadid, here’s a rundown of her diet and workout but tweaked a bit so it’s relatable to everyone:

  1. Work out for 30 to 45 minutes a day. You don’t have to hit the gym for two hours. Remember: Bella Hadid does it for a living; you are doing it for health reasons.
  2. Coffee is always good. It offers great bursts of energy and plenty of antioxidants. Watch what you put in your coffee, though. Avoid putting in too much sugar or creamer. Also, drink coffee in moderation.
  3. A diet rich in protein, healthy fat and veggies is good for you. A higher protein diet can boost your metabolism. Just make sure that it’s not a very strict diet. Consult with a doctor first.
  4. Indulge whenever you can. As long as you maintain your diet and exercise routine, you should be fine.
  5. No matter what your shape or form is, love yourself!

Bella Hadid is known as a supermodel with the best body proportions. But Hadid makes it known that she too has body struggles. She has insecurities. She has Lyme disease. All of these, however, are not enough to deter her from living a healthier lifestyle filled with good food, plenty of exercises and a pizza now and then.


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