Bucket Hats for Women: Why They’ll Work for You, Too

The right hat can turn a drab or dull outfit into an awesome fashion statement. It can also hide your hair when you’re having a bad hair day. But choosing the right hat for you can be a tricky fashion challenge, especially if you’re insecure with how hats look on you.

A baseball cap may be too sporty for your fashion preferences. On the other hand, a feathered hat is not an option (unless that is how you roll for the day).

Fortunately, one hat can spare you the stress: the bucket hat. A hat made for women and men, this hat went from being an iconic ‘90s fashion item to an absurd hat forgotten in the 2000s until they made their recent comeback to runways and TikTok.

Yes, designer bucket hats are back in season. The same fashion statement that shielded fishermen (and people from the ‘90s) from the sun is now the IT fashion statement of modern style. The best part: it can instantly turn any outfit into a winning fashion statement.

Celebrities, influencers and fashion editors love the bucket hatboth women and men — for its contemporary look and versatile style.

Need more convincing? We’ve got an entire article dedicated to transforming you into a women’s bucket hat enthusiast.

Why are Bucket Hats Popular?

When bucket hats started resurfacing during the mid-2010s, many people thought they were having flashbacks to the mid-‘90s or early-2000s. But as more women and men started wearing bucket hats, it was certain: the hat finally made its comeback to modern fashion.

The bucket hat is on everyone right now. From BTS members wearing designer bucket hats to the airport to Megan Thee Stallion topping her mini-golfing outfit with a casual bucket hat, the bucket hat is everywhere in the celeb scene. Even knitwear designer Victor Glemaud designed a wide-brimmed bucket hat for the Biden/Harris 2020 election campaign.

So what’s up with the bucket hat craze?

A bucket hat looks more chill and relaxed compared to other hats in fashion. It is the epitome of cool and ease, as well as style. Unlike a Panama hat, fedora or baseball cap, a bucket hat has a looser and limber silhouette. It’s not stiff, which makes it more versatile than other hats in your closet.

Both men’s and women’s bucket hats boast an easygoing aesthetic, a flexible structure and a wide array of textures, prints and colors. The variety of styles enables the wearer to create their unique fashion statement without worrying about looking “too odd” or “too casual.” It strikes a perfect balance between edgy and contemporary.

If you want to stand out though, a bucket hat won’t let you down, too. Match and clash your style with wild colors and designs. You can go all Mayim Bialik by wearing floral-accented and floppy bucket hats for women! If you’re a little edgy, you can take inspiration from R&B singers from the late-‘80s and ‘90s like Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot and Brandy.

Apart from its style, the practicality of bucket hats for women and men takes the cake. These hats originated from 20th century Ireland where farmers and fishermen used them as purely functional gear. The original bucket hat also made an appearance in the 1940s as the American military used packable headwear during the Vietnam War.

Were Bucket Hats Trendy in 2021?  

Yes! As mentioned above, today’s celebrities and influencers are digging the bucket hat look.

For example, international sensation BTS is popular for their preferences of high-end fashion items, including designer bucket hats. “Sold-Out King” Jeon Jungkook (he has a Midas’ Touch; anything he wears or uses always sells out) and SUGA are often spotted hiding under black bucket hats, especially during their airport runs. The most fashion-forward member of BTS, J-Hope, is also a big fan of bucket hats, preferring to wear brighter colored designer bucket hats. In their music video of “Dynamite,” he sports a blushing pink Kangol Bermuda (which was sold off at a high-end auction).

Musician Billie Eilish is also a big fan of women’s bucket hats. When she’s not showing off her vibrant colored locks, she’s wearing a bucket hat as bright as her hair. Her bucket hat tops off her loose and baggy yet colorful style.

And let’s not forget the TikTok stars! Almost everyone who is on TikTok is wearing a bucket hat while they sing, dance or perform a skit.

bucket hat and nature
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Do Bucket Hats Look Good On Everyone? If You Style it Right, Yes!

Bucket hats look good on everyone — celebrities, fashion editors, music bloggers and normal people —as long as you’re unafraid of mixing and matching all the items in your wardrobe.

So, how does one perfect the art of wearing bucket hats for women?

You might think that cute bucket hats won’t suit you because of your hair or the size of your head. On the contrary, bucket hats can adapt to any style and appearance. All you need is the right mix of clothes. Here are some women’s bucket hat styles you can try.

Crop Top + Skinny Jeans + Black Bucket Hat

Create a low profile yet stylish look with an all-black outfit. Just wear a sleeveless black crop top with black skinny jeans. Cap off the look with your favorite sneakers and a black bucket hat.

White Oversized Tee + Flowy Denim Shorts + Bucket Hat

If you’re a petite lady, this look is for you! All you need is an oversized white t-shirt and tuck them in your favorite pair of blue denim shorts. For the shoes, ankle boots will add an extra flair of style. Cap everything off with a black bucket hat.

Ripped Jeans + Wind Breaker + Bucket Hat

This is another all-black outfit but with a touch of ripped jeans, which makes it a casual and sportier version of the crop top + skinny jeans outfit. Put on a black shirt with a black windbreaker. Wear black skinny beans. Look cooler by wearing a black bucket hat and some white sneakers.

Oversized T-Shirt+ Camo Pants + Bucket Hat

Are you looking for an easy streetwear look? You can’t go wrong with camo pants and an oversized t-shirt matched with a camo bucket hat. Pair the attire with some greys running shoes.

Bomber Jacket + White T-Shirt + Bucket Hat

If you want to combine stylish and casual, wear a green bomber jacket over a white t-shirt and pair them with white sneakers and black skinny jeans. Of course, you can’t forget your trusty designer bucket hat!

Sweatshirt Dress + Baseball Jacket + Bucket Hat

Flaunt your legs in a low-key sexy outfit! Wear your favorite sweatshirt dress with a baseball jacket (leather, preferably). Cap off the attire with high socks and leather ankle boots. Accessorize by wearing your favorite bucket hat and a gold chain necklace.

Blue Skinny Jeans + Crepe Wool Coat + Bucket Hat

You can be ladylike and enjoy your bucket hat, too! Pair a crepe long wool coat with a pink sweater and some blue skinny jeans. Complete the look with a suede bucket hat and some ankle boots.

What is the Best Bucket Hat?

In terms of men’s bucket hats, the options are endless but the same can also be said for women’s bucket hats. Due to its unisex style, you won’t run out of bucket options.

Here is our favorite bucket hat selection for women:

Durio White Bucket Hat

It’s white, simple and elegant. Durio’s white bucket hat is perfect for women who are new to the bucket hat trend and have a few reservations. This $8 bucket hat may change your mind.

UGUPGRADE Smiley Bucket Hat

Put a smile on other people’s faces with this cute bucket hat! The design is minimalistic — just a smiley face on the hat. The best part is this hat is available in 32 colors so you can mix and match the hats with other clothes in your wardrobe.

Borderier Casual Wide Brim Cotton Bucket Hat

Fringe on bucket hat? Yes, please! This bucket hat is perfect for the “no-sweat” fashion look. Another unique selling point of this bucket hat is its SPF50 fabric, which protects your scalp.

 XYIYI Cow Print Bucket Hat

Feel like a TikTok star by wearing the famous cow print bucket hat from XYIYI. If you’re not a big fan of the snakeskin and cheetah print but want to look oddly funny, the cow print will grow on you.

Mashiaoyi Print Reversible Hat

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a plain AND printed bucket hat. Mashiaoyi’s reversible bucket hat is perfect for those moments when your style preferences change instantly. If you’re not a fan of a printed bucket hat, just reverse it. This bucket hat is available in different types of prints!

The bucket hat made an awesome comeback from a once-frowned-upon fashion trend to an “IT” fashion statement among celebrities. So, if you’re interested in this trend but are scared to try, just do it! Go therefore and shop for women’s bucket hats today.


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