Celebrity Fitness Journeys During the Pandemic: Weight Loss Transformations in 2020 and 2021

2021 started with everyone still in quarantine doing their thing. Despite the year starting with COVID restrictions that we carried from 2020, many celebrities used their sweet time at home to pursue meaningful activities — with one of them being working out, losing weight and dieting.

If you check google for “celebrity before and after weight loss photos,” you’ll see dozens of your favorites, like Amy Schumer’s weight loss, inspiring others with their healthier figures. These stars turned their downtime during the pandemic into opportunities to get fit and healthy.

If you’re still staying at home and are considering a healthier lifestyle or want to start working out, take inspiration from these celebrity weight loss tips and stories.

Rebel Wilson


rebel wilson weight loss

No one enjoyed the quarantine season more than “Pitch Perfect” star Rebel Wilson. Even before the pandemic, the Australian actress declared 2020 her “Year of Health.” She started 2020 by switching to a high-protein diet after consuming more than 3,000 calories on most days. Wilson also started the Mayr Method, which cuts down on her consumption of caffeine, sugar and gluten. In terms of fitness, the actress hits the gym six to seven days a week to focus on mobility, HIIT, strength training and cardio.

Now, Wilson continues to show off her 60-lb weight loss and it shows! She’s feeling herself on Instagram, feeding her fans with a slew of #fitspirational posts. But more than anything, the actress has been prioritizing her emotional and mental health in line with her physical health. Previously, she shared her struggle with emotional eating. Now that she has reached her weight goal, she believes that when it comes to food, nothing is forbidden. She just aims to strike a balance.

Marissa Jaret Winokur


Marissa Jaret Winokur drops 60 pounds
When she learned that she’d be a high risk for complications in case she contracted COVID-19, Marissa Jaret Winokur started her weight loss journey. The 47-year-old “Hairspray” star has a history of asthma and cervical cancer, which is why she’s scared of the potential consequences COVID has for her. During the pandemic, the Broadway actress started working out at home via Zoom classes. At the same time, she ate healthily.

Now, the actress proudly flaunts her 60-pound slimdown. She admits that the journey didn’t just make her look good, it made her feel good, too.



Adele inspiring weight loss

The world-renown singer is famous for keeping her personal life private, so it comes as no surprise that she broke the internet with a photo. Initially, the photo was meant to express her gratitude to essential workers and first responders amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While the focus should have been on her kind words, everyone couldn’t help but be amazed at her incredible weight loss.

According to US Weekly, the Grammy-winning singer hired a personal trainer to help with her journey. Since then, she has been doing hour-long workouts that involve Pilates, circuit training and cardio. Adele is also reportedly following the Sirtfood diet, which is a diet that focuses on eating “sirtfoods,” aka a group of superfoods that include nutrient-rich foods like coffee, strawberries, cocoa and kale.

Since sharing her internet-breaking photo, Adele has shared a few more photos of herself, inspiring others to follow her fitness journey.

Ayesha Curry


Ayesha Curry shows off weight loss in Quarantine

The wife of NBA star Stephen Curry has also taken advantage of the quarantine season to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Ayesha Curry, 31, is a celebrity chef who knows a thing or two about delicious cooking, which she made healthier to align with her mindful diet. Her diet now consists of protein and a side of vegetables (with her favorites being broccoli, asparagus and Brussels sprouts). Curry roasts her vegetable on high heat to enjoy the charred flavor.

In terms of fitness, Curry partnered with Fitbit to improve her workouts, which focused more on HIIIT, strength training and cardio workouts. She also enjoys online workouts, resistance training with light weights and bike riding with her family.

The result of her diet and workout? She lost 35 pounds!

Kelly Osbourne


Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne has always been scrutinized for her style and figure, but now she has wowed the stage with her weight loss journey. Plenty of celebrities who join “Dancing with the Stars” lose weight in the process due to the intense practice schedule and Osbourne is one of them. In 2020, she revealed that she had gastric bypass surgery 2018, which jumpstarted her weight loss journey.

Osbourne doesn’t consider the surgery as a quick fix. Instead of just letting the surgery do the work, she ate right and worked out. She also spent a year preparing herself for surgery because she had to “fix my head before I could fix my body.”

Until now, Osbourne is exercising, eating a nutritious diet and cutting out alcohol.

Sherri Shepherd


Sherri Shepherd weight loss

Sherri Shepherd showed off to her cohosts on “The View” her 20-pound weight loss. In April 2021, she posted a video of her dancing to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk.” In her caption, the talk show co-host said that her weight loss journey was a “journal of self-talk…believing in my worth” and knowing that her son needed his mother to be healthy.

The TV host noted that she has cried because of her reliance on carbs and sugar before switching her diet. By changing her relationship with food, she shares her newfound love for herself.

If your favorite celebrities can get fit and healthy, so can you! They might have more resources and support, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the same level of motivation to get fit and healthier.


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