The Theory of Creativity: Crafting as a Trend

The beauty of handmade projects is creating new arts and crafts at your own pace. Over the past year, people all over the world have explored various interests and hobbies to help keep them preoccupied amid stressful times. Due to this, we have seen the rise of the craftcore trend during quarantine.

People have been exploring various craft projects that they can do on their own while relieving themselves of stress. A monthly craft box for adults can help motivate you to sustain a creative habit so that you can regularly release stress and anxiety.

Expressing yourself through arts and crafts has always been a popular way of stress management. Art therapy allows people to process their thoughts and emotions through safe avenues. Ease your pandemic stress by preoccupying yourself with handmade crafts.

This upcoming holiday season, you can take your craft habit to a new level. Make craft projects as gifts for your family members. Handmade gifts are often seen as more valuable because of the time and effort given to create such a thoughtful piece.

Jumping on the Handmade Bandwagon

The pandemic has sprouted a wide range of arts and crafts trends around the globe. Different types of crafts have been popularized via social media platforms. From crochet to cross-stitching, people have been exploring their creativity in various ways. They are now able to express their wide range of thoughts and emotions amid and about the pandemic. Engaging in arts and crafts projects has become a healthy outlet for people to take care of their mental health.

At the onset of the pandemic, many people have been seeking business ideas to help pay their monthly bills. Individuals have been exploring entrepreneurship as a way to relieve their burden, especially those who have been laid off from work. With the influx of craft ideas during the quarantine period, people have turned their choice of crafts into a business. Some are purely decorative pieces, while others offer functionality during the pandemic, such as the Etsy shop sellers who have been selling cloth masks.

The holiday season is fast approaching, and this can be used as an excuse to sell or create more crafts for loved ones. Sometimes, handmade goods are better and more thoughtful than other conventional gifts.

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Exploring Fandom Crafts

During all the chaotic events during the quarantine period, there has been an increase in demand for crafts that make people feel better. Despite the current situation, some arts and crafts projects help alleviate the symptoms of quarantine blues. One example is fandom crafts. Fandom refers to a particular pop culture icon’s collective fanbase. Fandom arts and crafts are creative projects that revolve around the images about and references towards a particular pop culture icon.

With the diverse range of fandoms around the world, from K-pop groups to TV shows, there are endless possibilities for people to find the right group for them. Engaging in these fandoms leaves a lasting positive impression on individuals because this allows them to experience a sense of belongingness.

A Handmade Holiday

The cold months are getting nearer each day. With the excitement of the nearing holiday season, many people feel the need to prepare thoughtful gifts for their friends and loved ones. Despite or due to the pandemic, people have felt the need to compensate for the lack of socialization over the past year. These days, giving handmade crafts can seem more thoughtful to give as gifts.

Explore the various holiday craft ideas that you can find online. Getting involved in various arts and crafts activities will exercise your creative brain. This can help reduce stress and the risk of developing depression and anxiety. For older adults, making craft projects can also benefit their overall health.

With the prevalence of “craftcore” as a trend, more people have been hopping on the craft-making bandwagon. This is exciting news for the arts and crafts community because more people can push the various craft mediums forward.

Remember to be open to exploring different types of crafts to help keep yourself preoccupied. There are various possibilities for arts and crafts expression that you can explore today. With the challenging times people face, craftcore as a trend has become popular in the past year.

Consider expanding on this trend by pushing its boundaries further. Prepare your arts and crafts materials for a creative and productive quarantine period. Once you have mastered a specific medium, you can opt to turn this into a business pursuit that could help you pay monthly bills.


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