A Guide to Keeping Your Bedroom Clean

Keeping your bedroom clean is not always easy. There are many factors that come into play, but you have to fight the battle every day. Whether it’s clothing all over the floor or dirty dishes in your room, there is certainly a problem with keeping things neat and clean.

Here are some tips to make sure your bedroom is as tidy as you want it to be.

1. The Bedroom is Only for Sleep and Intimacy

The main rule of thumb is to keep everything off the bed unless it’s actually being used. This makes the room look clean, leaves enough space for other activities not related to sleep or intimacy that might be occurring in the bedroom, and saves your mattress and bed fan under the blanket from wear and tear.

2. Use Smaller Trashcans in Different Parts of the Room

Unless you simply have a massive room, it’s best to use multiple smaller trashcans instead of one big one. This also helps in cases where you might not want to put the full trashcan next to your bed by leaving another trashcan in another part of the bedroom.

3. Use Drawers and Shelves Wisely

If your room is small, you should make good use of the drawers and shelves in order to keep everything looking nice and neat. You can always put blankets and clothes on top of your draws or other furniture, but it helps to make sure that at least some of them have drawers.

4. Don’t Leave Cleaning Supplies in Your Room

It’s a good idea to keep any cleaning supplies in one place outside of your bedroom. If they’re located in the kitchen, it’s easier for you to clean each room without worrying about bringing them into the other rooms on accident. This saves time and makes cleaning easier.

5. Keep Toys and Books Under Control

Many people like to keep their toys and books in the bedroom, but it’s best to keep them under control in order to avoid making your room messy again after you’ve already cleaned it up. Try having baskets or containers specifically for these items, or put them in a corner somewhere.

6. If You Can’t Keep Your Room Clean, Get Help
cleaning dirty sofa with microfiber cloth while wearing yellow gloves

Sometimes, the reason your room is messy might be because you’re just not capable of keeping it clean enough. There’s nothing wrong with this at all, but you should try to get help if you can. Hire a housekeeper or maid service, or consider cleaning services. This gives you more time to do other things and keeps your room nice and tidy at the same time.

7. Remember the Basics of Cleaning

Cleaning is like an art. Sometimes it can be messy if you’re trying too hard. You don’t need to spray everything down with chemicals or anything like that every single day. There’s nothing wrong with using a vacuum or broom to clean up dust, dirt, or hair from your carpet. It will make the room look nicer and cleaner without causing damage to anything.

8. Don’t Forget About Other Rooms

This should be pretty obvious, but you shouldn’t forget about other rooms in your home when it comes to tidiness. If you have a messy kitchen, for example, it can cause a mess in other rooms as well. You should make sure to clean up everything before going to bed if you want your bedroom to look nice and neat.

9. Keep Clothes Off the Floor

This should go without saying, but it’s very important that clothes are put away and hung up. This also means no clothes on the bed, of course. If it’s winter and you keep your clothes in a drawer, make sure that they’re neatly folded and not just thrown in there.

10. Clean Your Room Daily

If you can manage to clean your room daily, then it will be much easier to do when it comes to the larger, more thorough cleaning session. This should be done with each part of your room.

11. Try the annual 52-week cleaning challenge.

Set a goal to clean something every week for a year and you’ll stay on top of it every single day, as well as learn great organization tips to help keep your space under control once and for all.

These are the best tips for keeping your room clean. You might find it helpful to print these or bookmark this post for future reference, just in case you need to get back to them. If your bedroom is truly messy and unorganized, you should consider hiring a cleaning service or housekeeper. They’ll be able to put everything into place without damaging anything and make sure that your room looks nice and neat.


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