The History of Valentine’s Day

• Valentine’s Day is believed to have originated from an ancient Roman holiday called Lupercalia, which honored Faunus and Romulus, and Remus.

• Pope Gelasius I replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day in honor of the Christian priest, St. Valentine.

• During the 18th century in England, people began exchanging hand-written cards to express their love for each other on February 14th, and this tradition spread throughout Europe in the 19th century.

• To make Valentine’s Day memorable, plan a romantic date together and give thoughtful gifts that reflect your partner’s hobbies and interests.

• Lastly, show your gratitude for your partner by writing them a love letter expressing how much they mean to you and why they have such an essential place in your life.

Every February 14th, couples worldwide celebrate the day of love with cards, chocolates, and roses. But what is the origin story of this beloved holiday? Here’s a look at the history behind Valentine’s Day.

The Ancient Roman Holiday, Lupercalia

Though the exact origins of Valentine’s Day remain unknown, historians believe it may have originated from an ancient Roman holiday called Lupercalia. This pagan celebration was held in mid-February and honored Faunus—the god of agriculture—and Romulus and Remus—the founders of Rome.

During Lupercalia, young men would strip naked and whip women with animal hides to promote fertility. Eventually, Emperor Claudius II banned the festival from discouraging marriage because he believed married men made poorer soldiers than single ones.

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St. Valentine

By the Middle Ages, Pope Gelasius I had replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day in honor of St. Valentine—a Christian priest known for secretly marrying young couples against Claudius II’s orders. Legend has it that while imprisoned for performing these illegal weddings, St. Valentine healed his jailer’s daughter and wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine” before his execution on February 14th, 269 A.D.—a phrase still used today!

Modern Observance

In 18th century England, people began exchanging hand-written cards to express their love for each other on February 14th—a tradition that spread throughout Europe during the 19th century as printed cards became more affordable due to advances in printing technology. By 1900, Americans had also embraced this custom and commercialized it by creating mass-produced greeting cards, which are still popular today!

Tips to Make Your Valentine’s Day Memorable

Though its origins remain a mystery, one thing is sure: Valentine’s Day has come a long way since its humble beginnings as an ancient Roman festival! So whether you’re celebrating with someone special or taking some time for self-love this year, there’s something special about honoring this timeless tradition that brings us all together on February 14th every year! Here are some tips to make your Valentine’s Day a perfect time for you and your partner:

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Plan a Romantic Date

If you’re in a relationship, plan a romantic evening together. This can include dinner at your favorite restaurant, a movie night, or spending quality time together at home. If you’re feeling adventurous, try something unique, like an outdoor activity or staycation! Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that both of you will enjoy and remember for years to come.

Gift-Giving Tips

If you want to give your partner something special this Valentine’s Day, choose gifts that reflect their hobbies and interests. Unique Valentine’s gifts show that not only do you know them well but also that you put thought into the present. Additionally, consider adding personal touches like hand-written notes or sweet messages on the gift box or wrapping paper. Here are some great gifts for your partner:

  • Jewelry: Nothing says “I love you” like a piece of jewelry. Whether it’s an elegant necklace, glittering earrings, or a simple bracelet, jewelry will make your partner feel special this Valentine’s Day!
  • Flowers: Another classic Valentine’s Day gift is flowers—especially roses. If you want to go the extra mile, create a unique bouquet with your partner’s favorite flowers or even write them a poem to accompany the gift.
  • Gadget: For your tech-savvy partner, why not surprise them with one of the latest gadgets? It could be anything from a new phone or tablet to a drone or virtual reality headset.

Show Your Gratitude

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love for one another. Showing gratitude to your partner is one of the best ways to make this holiday special. Think about what makes them unique and why they stand out from everyone else—and then let them know! Write them a love letter expressing how much they mean to you and why they have such an important place in your life.

No matter how you celebrate this day of love, remember that what matters most is spending quality time with your loved ones and showing them how much you care! So go ahead and show someone special how much you appreciate them this Valentine’s Day.


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