What Are the Most Popular Interior Design Styles?

If you have been planning on redesigning your home’s interior or researching popular interior design styles for your new house, you may have come across the following terms: modern, art deco, industrial and contemporary. They sound like home styles or interior design jargons that you should know about, especially if you’re planning or re-planning the design of your home.

But what do these terminologies mean? And how do they apply to your home design needs?

In reality, interior designers and practitioners combine elements from different interior design styles, but it’s important to know what sets each style apart.

The Most Popular Types of Interior Design Styles

modern interior
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Modern Interior Design Style

First things first: “contemporary” and “modern” aren’t interchangeable; they are different interior design styles.

A modern interior style is defined by simple and clean color schemes, often evoking a welcoming feel via clean elements. Modern interior design styles heavily use steel and glass, as well as siding replacements. White and black colors dominate this style’s palette, with the occasional shades of red and blue, among other prime colors.

The modern design style is from the dawn of the 20th century. This popular style is also rooted in Scandinavian and German design architecture and styles. It is known for its focus on practicality and logic. Designers that apply this interior design style focus more on functionality and less on the form.

Modern interior design styles are often minimalist yet thrive with open floor plans. It also focuses on primary hues and block colors with modern art in a variety of colors. If you are planning to use this style for your home, invest in furniture that is simple and functional. Also, highlight specific elements and architectural features with accent lighting.

In a nutshell, the modern interior design style focuses on creating a simple and clutter-free home minus the unnecessary décor. Since this style prioritizes function, everything used in a modern home is practical.

Contemporary Interior Design Style

When we say “contemporary” design styles, this refers to styles that trend today. So an interior design style considered contemporary in the 2010s might not be contemporary during the 2020s. however, a design that was considered “modern” then is forever modern.

Modern design doesn’t change with time but contemporary does.

The fluid nature of contemporary interior design is something you can use to your advantage. This style can be adjusted to each room in your home. For example, your contemporary kitchen could be a mix of old and new styles. Also, choosing contemporary kitchen styles is convenient since there are many ready-to-assemble kitchen appliances that are both stylish and contemporary.

This style is also the lovechild of many design styles, which include modernism, minimalism and Art Deco. This, however, doesn’t mean that contemporary styles are vague and ruffled. Instead, it boasts of smooth surfaces and clean lines, offering the illusion of bigger spaces.

Minimalist Interior Design Style

For people that believe “less is more,” minimalism is the way to go. A minimalist interior design style emphasizes minimalism in all aspects of the home. This means using neutral color palettes and investing in simple furnishing. There is also no room for excessive accessories. Everything is simple, streamlined and necessary.

Mid-Century Interior Design Style

This historical design style was popular during World War II. Similar to the most popular design options during this time, this style used vivid colors on everything: décor, wall arts and furniture. It was all about color. Crisp lines define furniture and there are plenty of indoor plants.

Homes designed in this style have a retro feel. At the center of this design style are comfort and timelessness, which makes it one of the most preferred styles by homeowners.

scandinavian interior
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Scandinavian Interior Design Style

If you’re looking for a simple yet highly functional interior design style, go with a Scandinavian style. This popular type of interior design is warm and provides plenty of space for personal invitations. What sets this style apart from minimalist interior design is its emphasis on budget-friendly options, not just simplicity.

Art Moderne Interior Design Style

Originating in the United States during the early 1930s, this interior design style did not trend until the late 1940s. During this year, the styles focused on the three b’s: brassier, bolder and bigger. Décor items were either stripped down or pared while furniture was designed with a notable swelling curve. Interior designers often referred to this style as “modernist” or “American modern.”


The Bottom Line

Interior design styles are unique and abundant, so it’s up to you to discover the design that works best for your home. You can also combine different styles to personalize your humble abode.


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