A Minimalistic Bedroom: Why It Works and How You Can Do It, Too

If you’re the type of person who embraces the “less is more” outlook in life and finds relaxation in simplicity, then minimalism must be your middle name. A minimalist home décor style eliminates busy patterns, wild color schemes and most knickknacks to make more space for necessary, functional and relaxing design elements.

Minimalism is a good concept that you can apply to your bedroom, too. After all, bedrooms are places of relaxation and respite, so it’s no surprise that minimalist bedrooms have been popular for years now. When you hear the term “modern minimalist bedroom,” you may be thinking of all-white spaces with sparse furnishing, but the style goes beyond this.

If you want a minimalist look for your bedroom, does that mean you should throw everything away and call it a day?  Not really.

Minimalism in your bedroom design need not translate to boring and stark. It’s all about creating thoughtful and calming spaces.

Re-Introducing Minimalism

Before you go crazy with browsing through minimal furniture bedrooms, it’s important that you have a better grasp of what minimalism is.

As a design concept, minimalism is often mixed with terms like contemporary and modern, but there are differences between these terms. A minimalist space prioritizes function over décor and follows the mantra “less is more.” This doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish with your bedroom. A modern minimalist bedroom can have a traditional vibe or a retro flair, and vice versa.  Most minimalist bedrooms are painted in neutral colors, with hints of deep or bright colors.

In general, minimalism is a lifestyle or a mindset. Its primary purpose is to get rid of unnecessary items. De-cluttering your bedroom is the first step in creating a minimalist bedroom. The best place to start is your closet. Narrow down your items to your favorite ones and donate those you’ve never worn in months.

Next, pare down the rest of your stuff. Random objects, old posters and other things you’re not interested in should be donated or thrown away. Remove as much as possible until you’re left with a foundation that is functional and stylish — minus the clutter.

Although the minimal bedroom furniture and style are important, a commitment to organizing and cleaning are critical to maintaining a minimalistic vibe in your bedroom.

minimalist room layout
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Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

Where do you start with your pursuit of a minimalistic design for your bedroom?

Here are some ideas.

Bare Wall Space

In a minimalist room, bare walls keep your room looking clean and fuss-free. This doesn’t mean that your walls have to be totally bare, though. You can still hang a couple of artwork or photos to give the room some character.

Streamlined Bed

When it comes to furnishing your minimalistic bedroom, go for a sleek platform bed instead of fancy canopies, big four-poster beds and a carved sleigh. A simple platform bed topped with color-neutral bedding screams minimalism. It also removes the need for bulky box springs.

Most platform beds don’t have headboards while others do. Apart from bed pillows, invest in textured toss pillows to dress your bed and keep the look and function proportioned and balanced.

modern bedroom
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Clean Lines

Furniture that works well with minimalist bedroom designs has sleek and clean lines without ornate trim, carvings and other elaborate details. You’ll find the simplest yet chicest minimalistic furniture at IKEA! From chests to platform beds, chairs and tables, IKEA has plenty of furniture that give your rooms straight lights and an airy and open feel.

Limited Palette

Minimalist décor goes beyond the neutral black, white, classic and gray palate. To keep the shades minimalistic, your palette should be simple and free from pastels, bold colors, bright shades and other complicated color combinations. Neutrals work best for minimalist bedrooms, along with white, dark and mid-tone shades.

balanced layout
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Symmetry and Balance

Minimalism is all about striking a balance. So, focus on the size of your room and the scale of your bedroom’s furniture. If your room is tiny, putting large furniture inside can make the room feel tight. On the other hand, a huge room with plenty of small furniture might make you feel lost.

Instead, focus on achieving a symmetrical bedroom. Keep it proportioned so your room will appear controlled and calm, which are the trademarks of minimalism.

Small Touches

A minimalist bedroom features simple and clean designs. It also has more room for select artwork and designs. To keep everything organized and well-designed, choose artwork and patterns with restrained lines and a limited palette. Avoid extravagant designs, large floral prints and other complex designs.


In bedroom designs, less is always more. So, if you want to go minimalist with your room, consider the suggestions above.


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