The Most Liked Videos on TikTok: What Are They And Can You Be One of Them?

In a short timeframe, TikTok managed to reign supreme over the Internet as one of the most popular video-sharing apps online. From your favorite dances to makeup videos and cooking hacks and snack unboxings, TikTok has everything you want to watch and the best part — most of the videos take less than a minute!

Due to its popularity, more people are catching the TikTok train. The stats say it all:

  • The app has been downloaded more than two billion times
  • TikTok is the seventh most used social media platform
  • It is also available in more than 200 countries

The heart of the app’s popularity is its viral content, specifically the most liked videos on TikTok.

The stars of these TikTok videos aren’t just celebrities (although your fave celebs are also joining the TikTok bandwagon); they are also “regular people” who became famous for having the most liked videos on TikTok.
So what are these TikTok videos? Why did they become famous in the first place? And can you also create a video suitable for the title “Most Liked TikTok video?”

What are the Top 10 Most Liked Videos on TikTok?

Whether they’re made to entertain or to advertise products, the most viral TikTok videos have reached different users — whether they’re avid fans or not. If you haven’t watched the videos, you may know of the trends or the music. However, if you’ve been on social media lately (like the rest of the world who is still in quarantine), you may be familiar with the most liked videos on TikTok and its stars.

M to the B (50.6 million likes)

@bellapoarchTo the 🐝 🐝 🐝 #fyp♬ M to the B – Millie B

Before she dropped her hit debut single “Build A B*tch,” Bella Poarch was known as the cute TikTok girl who was pretty good at lip-synching. She shot to TikTok superstardom when she uploaded her “M to the B” TikTok video.

The video, which she first posted in August 2020, features the creator bobbing her head while showing different and amusing facial expressions. It’s adorable and addicting at the same time. Poarch’s accurate lip synching and her quirky facial features gained the video a whopping total of 50.6 million likes (as of May 2021), making it the most viral video on TikTok.

Mouth Drawings (47.7 million likes)

15-year old Franek Bielak didn’t think he’d go viral with his art, but his impressive drawing of life-like lips with fruits garnered him more than 47 million likes. Drawing to Fousheé’s “Deep End,” Bielak astounded TikTok viewers with his drawing of vibrant and juicy lips biting onto different fruits. It took him 23 hours to complete his art.

“SugarCrash!” Lip Synching Parody Video (47.6 million likes)

Before landing the “Most Liked Videos on TikTok” list, goofy content creator Nick Luciano had one goal: to beat the 5.5 million likes on @kaylavoid’s video. Little did he know, his hilarious take on ElyOtto’s “SugarCrash!” would rake in 47.6 million likes!

In an interview with Los Angeles Wire, the TikTok video’s rise to fame convinced creator Luciano to upload more videos that had a cowboy flair to them.

Billie Eilish Time Warp Scan Filter (38.7 million likes)

@billieeilish#TimeWarpScan♬ original sound – BILLIE EILISH

Undoubtedly, a celebrity also made the list of most liked TikTok videos. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how much you like them), the trending Kardashian-Jenner clan did not end up on this list. Billie Eilish did.

The singer’s first TikTok video is of her trying out the app’s hilarious Time Warp Scan Filter and enjoying the wacky result.

Peeling a Banana (37.8 million likes)

Khabane Lame is going to appear on this list more than once and we’re not complaining because his TikTok videos are just FUNNY.

TikTok is infamous for “life hack” videos that seem to overcomplicate supposedly simple tasks. In “Peeling a Banana,” Lame shows the original video of another “life hack” video creator who uses a knife to open a banana instead of using his hands (like normal beings do).

British Promise Cats (35.4 million likes)

Who doesn’t love cats? In TikTok, cats reign supreme, especially the ones from the British Promise Cats account. In this viral TikTok video, a kitty is trying to reach something. As it paws at the camera, its eyes show how determined this kitty is to reach whatever it is.

Baby Demi Rose (34.1 million likes)

As expected, a cute baby makes it to this list of most liked TikTok videos. Adorable Baby Demi Rose charmed the Internet with her chubby cheeks and beautiful round eyes. Everyone couldn’t take their eyes off the baby as her mom poked her to the sound of “Mua Mua” by Miya.

Opening a Door (32.5 million likes) and Drinking a Glass of Water (32.0 million likes)

The ninth and tenth spots are taken by Khabane Lame. His TikTok fame is due to his type of content. He responds to absurdly complex life hack videos by doing the same task in a more straightforward manner, with a matching wordless “Are You Kidding Me?” expression on his face.

Top TikTok Videos of 2021

The videos mentioned above are still the all-time most liked videos of TikTok, but 2021 has its selection of viral TikTok videos that are vying for a spot on the top 10 most liked TikTok videos.

Here are some of 2021’s top picks (as of writing this article):

Ahi Challenge (25.5 million likes)

Known for his signature, amazing dancing and fun videos with his little brother, Michael Le (known as JustMaiko on TikTok) gained popularity with his take of the AhiChallenge. TikTok users were amused at Michael as he and his brother danced at a public mall.

Spilled Milk (23.8 million likes)

@kisonkeeYou guys (literally) asked for this 😂 ##comedy ##fyp ##wtbdijw♬ original sound – Kison Kee

Kison Lee tried to make a fashion statement by wearing cups for shoes and a paper towel as a hat. The only mistake he did was he poured some milk into his cereal while wearing these items. Everything takes a turn for the worse when he slips and spills all of his milk to the floor.

The Best Friend Challenge (Ft. The ROCK and Kevin Hart) (22.3 million likes)

The “Best Friend Check” is one of the million trends users try on TikTok. Celebrities also have their version of this trend with the most viral one belonging to — surprisingly — The Rock. His spin on the “Best Friend Check” included a montage of him and his “Jumanji” co-star and real-life BFF Kevin Hart.

Elephant Toothpaste World Experiment (18 million likes)

David Dobrik is known for his fun vlogs and science experiments on his YouTube channel. He recently crossed the shores of TikTok, posting the same type of content but in shorter formats. His most viral TikTok video is his “elephant toothpaste” science experiment with YouTuber Nick Uhas. Dobrik shocks his audience with gigantic toothpaste exploding in front of them.

Charli D’ Amelio’s Savage (14.6 million)

@charlidamelio♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

Known as the Queen of TikTok, Charli D’ Amelio gained popularity for her dance skills and ability to master any TikTok dance faster than the rest of the world. Currently, she has 120.4 million followers, making her one of the most popular content creators on the platform. Apart from filming dancing TikToks, she also films content with her family.

Her take on the Savage song featured her dancing aggressively in front of her family.

How Do You Get Popular on TikTok?

If you’re interested in starring or creating one of the most liked videos on TikTok, you’ll have to start somewhere. Consider the following tips so you can be the next TikTok star:

  • Use trending hashtags. The most viral videos on TikTok have the most relevant hashtags in their captions. So, it’s important to choose the right hashtags, not just any hashtag. If you’re doing the Savage dance challenge, add #SavageChallenge to your caption.
  • Record with trending songs or audio. Audio tracks are the core of any successful TikTok video. You can dance to a trending tune, lip-synch to a popular song or create skits. You can even parody popular anime scenes.
  • Recreate trending TikToks. One of the best things about TikTok is that fame is fair game to everyone who jumps aboard a trend. Recreate viral videos and add your touch to them so people will remember your videos.
  • Think out of the box. It’s good to cash in on TikTok trends, but it’s also good to start new ones. Avoid posting what everybody’s doing. Instead, brainstorm ways you can bring something new to the platform.
  • Consistently post high-quality content. Similar to other social media platforms, a regular posting schedule is a key to gaining more followers on TikTok. Post at least one video per day. Initially, it sounds like a lot, but on TikTok, there’s no such thing as ‘posting too much.’ However, you don’t want to tire viewers with excessive content, especially if your content has the same feels. With that in mind, make sure you post high-quality content consistently if you want yours to become one of the most liked videos on TikTok. Remember: no one wants low-quality content on their feed.
  • Network with other TikTokers. There are plenty of TikTokers who want to be famous on the platform, but not everyone considers the climb to fame as a competition. Strike up conversations with other content creators. Network with them to form collaborations and friendships.

Will You Be The Next TikTok Star?

TikTok’s most viral videos are the cream of the platform’s crop. They keep people entertained while they wave through this pandemic. With creativity and determination (and perhaps, some sheer luck), you too can create a viral TikTok video in the future.

However, for that, you may need some useful tools and applications. If you can add audio to video for free, you will save your pocket while entertaining others more and more.


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