Luxurious Walk-In Closet Design Ideas to Inspire Your Remodel

Nothing can provide confidence more than a gorgeous set of clothes. It’s one of the best ways to express ourselves, and it can instantly boost our mood and our command of any room we enter. And if you are someone who loves collecting various kinds of clothes, excellent storage should also be at the top of your list. A collection of stunning designer clothes must be housed in a gorgeous yet functional closet as well. Here are some elevated walk-in closet design ideas you will want to copy for your next remodel so that your clothes fresh from laundry and dry cleaning have somewhere luxurious to hang.

Spinning closet

Remember Cher’s spinning closet in the movie Clueless? Every millennial girl who saw the teen flick in her teens must have dreamed of having the same one growing up. If your closet is not necessarily a walk-in, or if it’s on the smaller side, why not copy Cher’s spinning closet design? It’s exactly as it sounds: It’s basically like a rotating organizer, but a life-size version. It’s a convenient way for you to see your options in an instant, and it requires much less space, too. And to feel more like Cher, digitize and catalog all your clothing options, and use an app to choose your clothes daily.

Display cabinets

When it comes to providing an elevated feel to a room, open shelves and display cabinets are the way to go—as long as they are well-designed and carefully thought of. Not only are display cabinets pleasing to look at (especially if the clothes are hung according to color—so satisfying!), but they are also just smart, strategic, and functional. Opt for glass instead of solid doors to give the space a bigger and more airy feel and to motivate yourself to keep it organized, too.

Three-paneled mirror

A three-paneled mirror is another addition to your walk-in closet that can instantly provide a luxurious and elevated feel. For many, walk-in closets are more than just a place to store clothes; they also serve as a dressing room where occupants can have a final check before they head out the door. A three-paneled mirror is a wonderful idea since it can help you see your outfit from various angles and helps make the closet look and feel larger than it is.

Open concept

One way to incorporate a more elegant feel into your walk-in closet is by adding a more open side, which means it’s just all about clothes hanging on a rod. It can help to make your closet feel a bit more relaxed and comfortable. But if you want a more elegant touch, you can incorporate some warm white drawers with gold hardware, as well as antique furniture and warm-toned lighting. Opt to hang some formal gowns or suits on the open storage as well.

clothes rack

Incorporate a runway

Nothing will make you feel more like a supermodel than a runner in your walk-in closet. This will look especially good in a closet that’s narrower and longer and one that has no windows. It’s a smart way to add a touch of warmth, especially if the runner has some fun patterns. A built-in bench will also be good so that you can have seating without having to sacrifice additional floor space. With a long runway in your walk-in closet, you can power walk and sashay away without anyone seeing you.

Build an island

An island is often seen in more modern kitchens, but hear us out: It can also look good in a walk-in closet, especially one that has more square footage than others. An extra-large island can be a wonderful place for your accessories, bags, or clothes for everyday wear and ones that don’t necessarily need to be hanged. And the best part? A big island can also be the flat surface upon which you fold your clothes. Opt for a glass one so that you can instantly see the items you’re looking for.

Under-the-cabinet lighting

Another way to add a luxurious feel to your closet is by adding lighting to the cabinetry. It doesn’t matter what you’re getting ready for. When you’re dressing up, lighting can make or break everything. Add these lights to help you pick out the best outfit for every occasion.

Final thoughts

When deciding on the design for your walk-in closet, don’t forget to follow the basics of interior design. It will help you find symmetry and function for the place your clothes call home. Good luck!


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