The Essential Guide to Planning an Online Creative Workshop

If you love arts and crafts, there might be tons of things that you want to do. You can create your projects and opt to sell them, start your own business, or you might want to teach others. No matter if you want to start an online art community, share your skills, or make more from it, organizing an online art workshop would be an amazing thing to pursue.

Workshops, in general, are a popular type of learning for many reasons. It can be participated by anyone, is a good passive income, and a fantastic way to pursue your passion. And the best part? Online creative workshops are easier to organize than in-person classes, and yes, they can be low-commitment and fun.

Create the workshop structure

The first step is to plan out your workshop’s structure. It’ll be your first one, so you want the flow to be as smooth as possible. This is why you need to create a detailed plan. Start your outline with the introduction of what the workshop is and the things that participants will learn in every lecture. You’d also want to come up with the most effective teaching techniques and procedures for the projects. Note that your goals are crucial for the flow of the lessons. You’d also want to allot time on your outline for a Q&A with your participants.

Prepare and provide materials

Of course, the materials you will need to provide will depend on the field you plan to teach. This is particularly important even if you’re hosting an online art workshop. If you are looking to teach basic arts and crafts, you can provide them with a complete craft box they need for each project. If you are teaching painting, reusable materials such as brushes will do. There are tons of online stores out there that sell arts and crafts supplies, and if you’re lucky, you can find one that offers discounts for bulk orders. You can include the materials fee as part of the attendance charge or sell it separately.

Pick a streaming platform


Now that you’ve planned out your structure and materials, you need to pick the best streaming platform for your art workshop. If you have a website, that would be an ideal option. Use your own space to livestream your lessons and rank up your website online. Another convenient option is Facebook and YouTube, which provide many benefits such as broad reach, easy monetization, free features, and tons more. There’s also a Twitch section named Makers & Crafting, which aims to support artists and creators. It features pricing customization, real-time chats, a feedback button, and various stream engagement features.

Think about the pricing

The next important aspect of your online art workshop is the rate. When it comes to pricing, you need to engage in a thought-out process. Consider the type, length, and value of lessons you will include in your workshop. Be careful not to overvalue or undervalue yourself. To figure out a base price, you can consider things like an individual workshop, a workshop series, or an hourly rate.

Extra factors such as materials, video follow-ups, and additional content should also be taken into account. On average, artists charge their workshops around $30 to $300 depending on elements such as the exclusivity of the workshop or the number of hours. It would be best to have a range of prices for various experiences and test them out.

Follow up with participants

Most artists or creators who host workshops often forget one vital thing: following up with the participants. Create a sub-list or add them to your contact list. Get back to them and talk about things that touch the themes and ideas of your art workshop. This allows you to make more out of your lessons and develop human connections, which could potentially lead to a new community. It shows the participants that you care.

Also, you can ask for their feedback to determine what elements of your art workshop works and what didn’t. Doing so can help you create a better workshop experience for your participants in your next event.

By following these tips, you can start planning out and hosting your first art workshop. You get to share your skills and knowledge with others, meet new people who share the same passion, and earn money on the side. Start planning your very first online art workshop today and get ready to offer some valuable experiences to others.


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