White Eyeliner Looks: Go Crazy or Casual With This Style

In the world of makeup, trying something new can either be a fun adventure or risky business. People who don’t want to take a risk stick with the basics (basic foundation, basic blush and basic eyeliner), which is OK. But if you want some fun, why not take a risk?

Start with something simple: white eyeliner looks.

Did that suggestion send shivers up your spine? It’s normal; after all, trying something new can be scary. But trust us when we say that white eyeliner is a good start for people who want to level up their makeup looks or explore outside of their makeup comfort zone.

The idea of wearing white eyeliner might seem odd because it’s a bright color — a sharp contrast to the widely accepted black or brown eyeliner. But white eyeliner looks aren’t always wild. In fact, if you wear your white eyeliner well, you’ll have larger and brighter-looking eyes. As a bonus, it can also cancel out signs of sleepless nights, hangovers and allergies, regardless of your skin tone.

Does White Eyeliner Look Good?

Yep, otherwise, today’s celebrities wouldn’t be showing off their white eyeliner looks. Margot Robbie, Janelle Monae, Sophie Turner and Lady Gaga have used either a pencil or white liquid eyeliner to elevate their looks to great success! In 2019, this eyeliner look was named as the biggest makeup trend for the summer and winter seasons.

If you apply white eyeliner well, it can positively impact the look of your eyes, which can increase your confidence levels. Plus, it makes your eyes look more awake and vibrant. So, instead of making yourself another cup of coffee to look alert, why not grab white liquid eyeliner (pencil works, too!) from your local makeup store or in a secret corner of your makeup box?

Why Would You Use White Eyeliner?

As mentioned above, white eyeliner makes eyes look brighter and bigger. Remember the old advice on shades: dark colors shrink spaces while white colors make them look bigger. The same rule applies to your makeup style.

Shading your waterline with white eyeliner instantly makes your eyes look wider. The eyeliner extends the whites of your eyes, as well as covers any visible redness on your waterline.

Simply put, white eyeliner is your best friend after a grueling workweek or a long night out.

How Do You Wear White Eyeliner?

Wearing white eyeliner is similar to how you wear your fave eyeliner (with a little extra on the side). Rim your waterline (aka the part above your lower lashes) with the liner. Make sure you cover all the corners before you apply a bit of eyeliner on the inner V of your eyes.

Lining your waterline is the basic function of your favorite white liquid eyeliner. After each application, you’ll notice that your eyes are brighter and more alert-looking.

If you want to take your look up a notch, wear the white eyeliner alone or create a cat-eye. If you want to create a cat-eye, trace the upper lid with your eyeliner and flick the pencil or liquid eyeliner toward your eye’s outer corner.

Take your look up another level by doubling up your eyeliners. Apply your favorite black eyeliner first before you finish it off with white liquid eyeliner on top. This look is perfect for a casual event or even a first date!

The Best Ways To Wear Your White Eyeliner

Apart from the basic application, here are some tips when trying to achieve your dream white eyeliner looks.

Go Crazy All Over Your Lids

If you’re out of cream shadow, you can use your white liquid eyeliner, eyeliner crayon or pencils as an alternative. Just apply a generous amount of white eyeliner on your lid. You can also create a thick and wingless line across your lash line for the illusion that you covered your entire lid, which makes your eyes look brighter.

Apply Eyeliner Above Your Crease

The best white eyeliner looks involve applying the product away from your lash lines. Drawing on your crease means you can experiment with different lines and shapes on your eyes, which is a plus if you want a more dimensional eyeliner look.

If you think you’re going to look weird with eyeliner on your crease, you won’t. In fact, it looks tasteful! Just make sure that you draw the line above your eyebrow in one motion to ensure that the liner is thin and in shape. This look is perfect if you want a dramatic look like an anime girl look.

Flicks Go a Long Way

A linear eyeliner look is too basic. If you want to level up your white eyeliner look, draw some small flicks here and there. Draw a couple of white flicks at the outer eye, dead center and tear duct.

Just the Corners Will Do

If you want to be subtle, a tiny wing on the corner of each eye will do. A flick of white eyeliner adds just enough depth and style without looking like you’re doing too much. For better precision, use white cream eyeliner in a pot. Dip your angled brush in the pot and make the wing shape on your eye.

Don’t Forget the Inner Corners of Your Eyes

One of the most useful ways to wear your white eyeliner is by applying it in the corner of your eyes to brighten them up. You can also use your white liner in combination with your favorite eye shadow for a versatile white eyeliner look.

Apply the liner in the inner corners of your eye after the application of eye shadow. Finish the look with a few coats of mascara.

White Eyeliner Looks to Try For Yourself

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When used strategically around the inner corners of your eye, white liquid eyeliner can immediately elevate any makeup look. The best part is this tool is so versatile you can experiment with countless eye white eyeliner looks.

Here are some of our favorite looks that you can try.

Contrasting Cat-Eye

If you’re new to the white eyeliner universe, a contrasting cat-eye is a perfect look to try. All you have to do is apply a thin white line along your waterline and draw a bold cat-eye.

For this look, you’ll need black gel eyeliner with a fine-tipped brush. Gel eyeliners offer more cat-eye precision compared to pencils and liquid eyeliners. Plus most gel eyeliners are humidity-resistant and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about smudges!

Start by creating the first winged line with a black gel liner. Apply it along your upper lash line. Next, use a white eyeliner pencil to draw a thin line along your inner waterline. A pencil gives you a sharper winged tip compared to its gel and liquid counterparts.

Using the black liner again, create another dark line along your lower lash line for some contrast and drama. If you want something simpler, forego this last step.

Shape-Shifting Liner

Play with negative spaces and shapes! If you don’t have eye shadow, you can still create tonal contrasts with layered white and black lines.

To do this eyeliner look, apply white liquid eyeliner on your lash line. One the white eyeliner has dried, apply the black liner. If you want a more subtle and textural contrast, use a pencil liner. Use the same black liner to create dots above your white liner. If you want to be more dramatic, feel free to add gems.

All White Lids

If you are attending an all-white-themed party or if you want a minimalistic yet dramatic look, a white-out eyeliner makeup look is perfect for you. The best part is you don’t need steady hands to create the winged line. So, if you’re a little messy, it won’t be a problem.

All you have to do is dust white eye shadow over your upper lids. Emphasize the white look with a line of white eyeliner. If it doesn’t look straight, that’s OK! Once you’ve drawn the lines along your lower and upper lash lines, smudge the liner to emphasize the white eyeliner.

What Are The Best White Eyeliners in the Market?

The secret to flawless white eyeliner looks is the liner that you use. Fortunately, makeup stores and drugstores have a plethora of eyeliners. You can shop for our top picks:

  • NYX Professional Makeup White Liquid Liner. You can’t ever go wrong with NYX white liquid This variation of the brand’s selection of liners is one of the most affordable options out there. Plus, it can help you draw a precise wing.
  • NYX Professional Makeup Faux Whites. Another NYX favorite, this white eyeliner is available for under $10. The best part is it really opens up your eyes! It’s the best for water lines, too.
  • Morphe Liquid Liner. If you want a more defined and cleaner cat-eye, go for Morphe’s liquid liner. This liner is durable, affordable and water-resistant.
  • Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. If you’re an eyeliner newbie, this one is perfect for you. Stila’s waterproof eyeliner has a thin, market-like tip that you can easily use without smudging your lid.

Give white eyeliners a chance! White eyeliner looks are here to stay and if you don’t give it a try, you’re missing out! It doesn’t have to be dramatic at first. A simple swipe of white eyeliner can elevate your look up to 1000!


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