10 Strategically Important Businesses That Film Studios Rely On

Running a film studio is about more than generating award-winning scripts and impressive visual art on the big screen. When you’re in charge of building a film studio from the ground up, knowing which strategically important businesses you’ll need to keep in mind can go a long way in determining your ability to achieve success. When you’re familiar with the strategically important businesses that film studios rely on, you’ll find it much easier to navigate the business even if you’re breaking into it for the first time.

1. Security Companies

As a film studio, one of the most strategically important businesses you’ll need to rely on includes security companies. Investing in security today is more important than ever, even if you’re managing a local commercial lot. Whether you’re interested in learning more about security equipment financing or the various solutions available and affordable to you, the right security company will guide you every step of the way. When you’re working with a local security company that specializes in commercial security equipment, you can also compare both all-inclusive security solutions and a la carte options, depending on the equipment you’re interested in for your specific film studio.

Before you choose which security solutions are optimal for your film studio, research competing film studios near you to get to know more about their current security systems and setup in place. You can also learn more about commercial security options with research online, where you can review technologies, features, and various perks of each different piece of equipment before you build a system of your own. Working together with a trusted security firm or provider is also a way for you to integrate a completely customized security system that’s optimized for each area and location surrounding your film lot and studio.

2. Mechanics

While you’re building, managing, and maintaining your film studio, another strategically important business you’ll likely need to turn to and rely on at some point or another includes a local mechanic. Working with trusted mechanics who offer both new and used auto parts will be necessary anytime you’re making movies or films with the use of real vehicles. Finding a local mechanic who is willing to work with you or provide you with exclusive access to rare or important parts you may need to complete your film can go a long way in reducing setbacks and potential delays.

Finding mechanics and shops near you that are willing to work with a film studio may take a bit of research and personal legwork, depending on where you’re located. Visiting a local mechanic’s shop or auto repair shop near you in person is a way to get to know more about the locals in your community while also introducing yourself and explaining the line of work you’re in. The more you get to know local providers and mechanics, the easier it’ll be for you to find a reliable source when you begin filming and require additional car parts or components on demand.

3. Moving Services

Anytime you’re managing a film studio, you’ll also want to keep local moving companies in mind when you’re making a list of strategically important businesses to remember. Using a local commercial moving company is highly recommended when you’re transporting furnishings, new props, or even items for your sets from one location to another. While it’s often possible to move your belongings personally, there’s an inherent risk of loss of doing so when you choose not to work with a licensed and insured moving provider instead.

Hiring professional and commercial moving companies can help you when it’s time to invest in new set props, furniture, and even interior architectural set pieces, depending on your needs. When you choose to go the route of working with a professional, licensed, and insured moving provider, you can do so while maintaining your own peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are protected and covered by insurance. Hiring a professional crew of movers who specialize in moving commercial building items and furnishings is also a way for you to spend more time focusing on what’s more important in terms of building, promoting, and managing your film studio from the ground up.

4. Lighting Services

Lighting design services are extremely important when it comes to building and running a local film studio, regardless of the types of films you’re interested in recording, editing, and producing. Working with a lighting specialist or company that partners with film studios is strategically important in any scenario, as lighting is one of the most vital components of any film, regardless of its purpose and intention. Working with the right lighting crew can make the process of immersing yourself in the film industry as pleasant as possible.

5. Cleaning Companies

When it comes time to make a list of the most strategically important businesses that film studios rely on, you won’t want to forget professional cleaning companies. Whether your film studio requires an ongoing carpet cleaning service or if you’re interested in a thorough commercial lot cleaning service, it’s important to know which cleaning companies near you are available and which specialize in commercial cleaning packages in your region.

Learn more about various professional commercial cleaners by asking other business owners near you for their input and by researching your options online. While searching for commercial cleaners online, it’s possible to review services, prices, and packages in advance. Compare portfolios to find a cleaner that provides high-quality results.

6. Landscapers

Building a successful film studio will require you to pay close attention not only to the interior of your studio, but also to how you present it to the world around you. Maintaining the exterior of any film studio is equally important as tending to its internal wiring, electrical, and plumbing needs. If your film studio appears boring, drab, or uninspiring from the outside, it might be time for you to call in a professional commercial landscaping company or crew near you.

Hiring professional commercial landscapers can help bring your film studio’s lot to life, even if you’re working on flat land or if you’re working in a hot, arid, dry climate. Choosing to hire professional landscapers that specialize in commercial lot renovations and makeovers is a way for you to learn more about the type of greenery, flowers, and trees that are optimal for your location, based on the climate zone your film studio is located in. Landscapers are also well-versed in preparing the ground or soil to plant new trees, flowers, shrubs, and more, to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, regardless of the look and feel you’re going with outside your new film studio.

7. Engineering Firms

If you’re planning on building a film studio from the ground up or if you’re interested in implementing unique features into the studio itself, one of the most crucial and strategically important businesses you’ll need to keep in mind includes engineering firms. Working with a local structural engineer or an entire engineering firm is highly recommended when you’re thinking of investing in unique lighting or sound rigs in your film studio or if you’re interested in a truly original set design. Professional engineers aren’t just well-versed in traditional engineering equations, but they can help you determine which solutions are right for you based on the vision you have in mind for your new film studio.

When you’re working with a professional engineer, you can determine which methods are best to construct the structures you’re interested in, whether they’re big or small. A professional engineer who takes on commercial projects near you can also help you determine if there are specific rules and local zoning laws or regulations you’ll need to abide by to avoid fees and potential fines. Understanding the process of constructing a new structure or set from beginning to end can help significantly when you want your film studio to be as successful as possible.

8. Printing Companies

In addition to structural and electrical professionals, you’ll also want to find a local printing company you can rely on if you’re determined to make your new film studio as successful as possible. Working with a local printing company that specializes in publication printing is a way for you to design and print pamphlets, fliers, and promotional materials to help you spread the word about your film studio’s grand opening and/or any specific events you’re planning to host in the near future. Finding a local printing company that understands your needs and shares your vision can go a long way in helping you reach your intended audience, regardless of whether your studio is located in a rural area or a major metropolitan area.

Local printing companies specialize in printing items in bulk, whether you’re planning to go door-to-door with printed mailers and fliers or if you’re thinking of sending promotional posters in the mail. You can also work with professional local printing companies and providers to create glossy, thick, or even matte posters and other oversized printed materials that can help you promote your new film studio. The right printing company will work with you not only to ensure quality printing jobs, but they’ll also work with you to create stunning visuals that can help you get your new film studio up and running in no time.

9. Jewelry Designers

If you’re managing all aspects of a film studio, including costume and jewelry design, another strategically important business you’ll need to keep in mind includes providers that offer custom jewelry design specifically for entertainment locations and film studios similar to your own. Working with providers who specialize in costume jewelry and the type of jewelry you’re interested in for your films is a way for you to incorporate a specific theme or aesthetic into the type of props and jewelry you intend to offer to your performers or actors. Hiring a professional jewelry designer who offers custom solutions is also a way for you to help your film studio stand out, which can come in handy if you’re determined to set up shop in a highly competitive location. Using custom jewelry is a way to attract new artists and actors to your film studio, which can also help if you’re establishing a brand-new film studio with little to no prior experience running a studio on your own. With customized jewelry, you can also highlight your film studio’s logo or branded colors, making promotions with the use of your custom jewelry more cohesive and streamlined.

10. Electricians

Finding the right local electrician company is also another priority you won’t want to forget when you’re managing or in the process of building a new film studio. Managing the electrical wiring in any commercial space is a daunting task for those who are not licensed, trained, certified, and insured to do so in a professional capacity. Anytime you’re working on building or renovating a commercial film studio, you’ll want to turn to a local electrician expert near you to conduct inspections, re-wiring work, and any upgrades that may be necessary before you can open the studio to the public and for work.

Professional electricians aren’t just well-versed at working on commercial properties and lots, they’re also trained and licensed to do so without putting clients at risk, legally or financially. If you opt to hire an unlicensed electrician, you’ll be assuming all financial and legal liabilities should your contractor fall, get hurt, or even experience electrical shocks while working on the job. Always thoroughly verify any professional contractor or electrician you’re thinking of hiring to work in your film studio to protect yourself from all angles as best as possible.

Understanding which businesses are strategically important for film studios to rely on is crucial if you’re a studio investor or if you’re thinking of going into the film industry for the first time independently. Learning how the film industry works and survives is a way for you to determine which professionals and contractors you’ll need to turn to while managing the operations of any film studio you’re responsible for, big or small. The more familiar and immersed you are with the film industry, the easier it’ll be for you to prepare your own film studio before you open it and begin working on projects.


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