All About Rock Star Fashion: Then and Now

Music genres like Rock have always affected the fashion choices or generations. It has also managed to hold on to its roots to a certain extent in the present times. Fashion and music have always been inseparable. Talking about music, Elvis Presley’s sense of music and the style enthralled the audience and fans. He became a youth identity. The fifty or more years that have followed since have rock stars becoming fashion influencers.

Each new beat and sound have a fashion staple to fall back on. Take the example of the cults created by punk, metal, and electric beats. Each era has spoken about fashion and style to go with its musical genre. Here are a few trends that rocked the period; it belonged to and is still keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Elvis Presley Style

You can look back at the Jailhouse Denim fashion look of Elvis Presley. It was indeed the costume for a film, but the most stylish one of its times. It shows the star performing as talent from jail on national channels. You will be bewildered to know how all youngsters started copying the style, and it became a national sensation. It became a cult uniform comprising the jeans, denim jacket, and the Breton top.

You will still find one such person around you. If you look at his face, you might see a hairstyle as stylish as Presley’s. The cool blue color of denim resonates with most young people even today. It is also top wear that suits autumns and winters alike. There might be a subtle difference in the shades, apart from today’s slimmer cut. You can try out the look and see if you manage to get that aura around you.

Mick Jagger 70s Look

A rock star since the 60s, he wore silk scarves better than anybody else. He managed to make the most of his era by wearing flashy clothing. When the Rolling Stones burst into the scene, it was evident that the frontman would also bring a sea of change in the youth fashion line. He wore a lot of cord jackets, crop tops, and blazers. He also made pop colors Rock in his blazer collection. In addition, he also wore waistcoats and suits as a part of most formal occasions. Jagger often wore floral under tailored suits, as well.

Many youngsters have still kept a tab on such fashion and emulate the same today. So, if you find a guy wearing floral knitwear under tailored suits and strolling past, don’t be surprised. He should be a fan of the star. You can also try one of the Bogner men’s vests with floral tees and nude suits, paired with colorful sneakers. It also keeps you warm and comfy on chilly evenings. That should give you Mick Jagger’s 70s look.

The Ramones Punk Look

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You must have heard of the Ramones if you are a metal and punk fan. You can easily relate to the drainpipe torn jeans, biker jackets, and T-shirts with statement messages. The dress is even simpler than the songs the Ramones created. The minimalist fashion had a growing tribe of its own. With sneakers to match the look, and spikes in the hair, their attitude started a massive fan following in the 70s.

You must have already tried the tattered jeans look with a t-shirt. It has subtly blended into the culture. You will find many youngsters wearing Ramone-inspired t-shirts with their logos even today. Many top brands have come up with their interpretation of punk, drawn as inspiration from the Ramones today. With zero-size bodies, Converse shoes and plain tees are also coming back.

The Cure — 80s Goth Band Style

They are one of the most popular Goth rock bands of the 80s. Robert Smith, the leading musician, was the most popular one of the lots. The English Gothic brand quickly became associated with black clothes, red lips, and bead heads. He also made eyeliner stylish for men. Today, many musicians are still following the style. After the 80s, you must have come across youngsters wearing all black, with love for the horror genre, and wearing dark or burgundy lipstick.

Fashion Goth has already been trending for quite some time. Many brands are coming back with spiked collars, black lipsticks, and chains on their jackets. But the style is a bit subtle and not too in-your-face type of Goth. Many fashionistas have evolved into wearable fashion, with velvet and corsets taking pride in place.

Every era of rock music has brought with it an iconic ensemble. It can be bottom wear, top wear, or accessories. Moreover, the current times have seen a mix and match of such fashion often made to suit the fast and high street life. You can try one of these today and create a style of your own.


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