Making Things Easier: Mom Hacks You Should Know

With all the demands of motherhood -shopping, meal preparation, cleaning, taking care of the kids- it’s not surprising to know that there are mothers out there wanting to make their lives simpler. Sure enough, most moms would wish to shortcuts and accomplish their duties without that much effort. Luckily, many clever ideas and tactics help you get through each day.

In today’s highly adaptable society, there can be plenty of methods of accomplishing anything. And as many would claim, there’s always a quick approach to get things done. There are many things you can pick up as you go through your motherhood journey for moms. But often, we wish we’d known these things sooner.

On the matter of learning something new instead of figuring it out the hard way, here are some of the finest mom hacks you’ll surely enjoy.

mother and her child after bath

Bring a Hooded Towel

When people hear the term towel, they immediately think of one use: drying off after being soaked. However, there are a variety of additional applications and advantages for our beloved washcloth, and you’d be surprised by most of them.

One of the most unexpected advantages of an infant hooded towel is its flexibility. It can serve as your baby’s swaddle, perfect for after-bath breastfeeding or snuggle time. It ensures that your little one is firmly wrapped and nestled in a comfortable, airy fabric, ideal for calming them down.

Stock Up on Lint Rollers

We understand if you cringe when your child discusses sparkles. But, instead of feeling like you’re in a fairy tale every time you make anything with this almost impossible-to-clean stuff, do what most smart moms do.

When craft time is up, have a lint roller to get rid of the dirt. After using this easy solution, you’ll notice less of the glittery residue in your sinks, on your floors, and in nooks and crannies, you didn’t even know existed.

Lock Cabinets with Toy Rings

Make use of the toy rings as drawer door locks. So simple, and we’re sure you probably have a few of them laying around your home. While they won’t function as well as actual child-proof locks that cost a considerable price, they will stop a toddler down. Nonetheless, be sure to stay mindful before you decide to use them.

Build a Clutter Jail

As a parent with toddlers, life is pretty much one massive disaster after another. However, inevitable messes are child-sized, and cleanup is child-friendly. Introducing a clutter jail to your little ones is a life hack that will make tidying up toys a breeze, plus it’s incredibly an adorable way to teach responsibility.

Establish Chore Baskets

When your children reach a certain age, having them assist you with household duties is essential. This fantastic life hack for parents makes it simple for everyone to pitch in and help. All you’ll need is plastic caddies, zip ties, and a printer.

The idea is to place all the cleaning items they need in their basket and a little checklist to know which tasks they must perform.

Keep a Sponge Ice Pack

Packing lunches for your children is a standard part of a mom’s morning ritual, and perhaps one of the most critical things you’ll need is an ice pack. Save expenses by ditching the plastic inserts instead of using a frozen sponge to keep your kids’ lunches nice and cold. Freeze a damp sponge in a plastic bag: this procedure will provide the ideal DIY ice pack.

Clean Toys in a Mesh Bag

Do you know you can wash your kids’ toys in one go? All you need is a mesh bag that fits right in the washing machine. This task is ideal when an illness has swept through your household. Prevent your children from being infected again by sanitizing their toys.

Mesh bags are perfect for small toys, and they can surely help cut down your cleaning duty, leaving more time for you to focus on other tasks.

Use Water to Calm a Fuzzy Child

Water can both relax and amuse your little ones. Put your kid in the neighboring sink while you wash dishes or prepare lunches if they can still fit. However, if your child is a bit older, put them in the tub with some toys, and they will presumably calm down shortly.

Motherhood is one of the most significant and life-changing events in a woman’s life, as it allows her to play a pivotal part in her child’s life. On the other hand, it can cause a woman to experience a variety of emotional ups and downs. Here are some pointers to help you put your anxieties aside and enjoy the process of becoming a mother.


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