Small and Simple Ideas for Women Who Want Small TATTOOS

“Small is beautiful” is a saying that applies to many things, especially tattoos. Although tattoos are often known for being big and “very much out there,” they can also be small and minimalistic. Some may think small and simple tattoo designs are too basic or that they’re not real tattoos. On the contrary, small, simple tattoos are minimalistic designs that can be more complex than regular tattoos.

Designed with a single needle and less pigment than bigger tattoos, small tattoos require better precision and skill. The skill requirements are so high that some artists don’t take small tattoo assignments. So not so basic now, huh?

Besides, small tattoos are perfect for women who want to be discreet or minimalistic with their tats. It’s also a great introduction to women who are new to body art or uncertain about the commitment that comes with bigger tattoos.

If you’re looking for tattoo ideas for women, we’ve got you covered. We narrow down your selection of designs (since there are plenty out there).

Here are some of our favorite simple tattoo designs.

Small And Simple Tattoo Ideas for Women

Meaningful Tattoos


Heart Shape Mini tattoo

Even the smallest tattoo can bear the biggest and most powerful meaning. When choosing meaningful small tattoo designs, most women choose their favorite song lyrics, life’s motto or the name of their loved one. These types of tattoos are perfect for your inner wrist or hand so you can always see them and remind yourself of the meaning of these tattoos.

Cute and Small Tattoos


small tattoo

Women who are young at heart love cute tattoos since these small body arts reflect their cute personalities. Petite and playful, these cute tattoos are excellent choices for your first tattoo or if you want to have matching tattoos with your friends.

Cute animals like frogs, puppies and pandas are popular choices for cute tattoos. If you’re going for this style, go for a cartoon look to make it extra cute.

Butterfly Tattoos


Good things happen when you're wearing your yoga pants

When it comes to simple tattoo designs, most women are big fans of butterfly design. Butterflies represent freedom, nature, and transformation. They also have a gorgeous and feminine look. Considered a versatile tattoo choice, butterflies look beautiful in black ink or in color. Even if the tattoo is small in size, these winged designs will stand out.

Small Cross Tattoo


small cross tattoo

These tattoos are considered sacred in Christianity since they represent the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. For devoted believers of their faith, having a cross tattoo is an artistic affirmation of their faith. But it doesn’t have to be too elaborate or large to be meaningful.

For many women, a small cross tattoo is perfect since they can have it inked on any part of their body. This simple tattoo design is also a subtle yet powerful reminder of the Lord’s presence in their lives.

Sunflower Tattoo


Close-up of a sunflower tattoo on a woman's arm at the beach in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Sunflowers are ideal for people who love flowers and small tattoos. Because of their vibrant color, they stand out a lot, despite their small size. Sunflowers also have good meanings behind them. They represent adoration and longevity, as well as faith. To many people, the sunflower symbolizes happiness, joy and warmth. So, if you have a sunny personality, a small sunflower perfectly represents who you are.

Heart Tattoo


small heart tattoo

Remember when Rachel Green of FRIENDS got her first tattoo? It was a small heart inked on her hipbone and it did wonders for her boyfriend Ross.

Heart tattoos are feminine and simple. On top of that, they represent the most powerful emotion: love. The heart tattoo symbolizes different types of love, from family to romance. A small heart tattoo reminds us of what is the most important in life while expressing your affectionate and passionate side.

 Angel Wings Tattoo


angel wings tattoo

Angel wings are often used for larger tattoo designs, but they can also work for small and simple tattoos. For some women, the wings represent their “good” or “better” side. They can also represent a desire to escape or a symbol of freedom. For many women, the wings also remind them of their guardian angels who watch over them.

Anchor Tattoo


anchor tattoo

Feeling a little nautical? An anchor is a popular design for small and simple tattoos. Anchors are signs of safety, as well as the end of a long journey. While some people think that the anchor is a symbol of masculinity, it can also be a feminine symbol of simplicity and significance. A smaller version of the anchor tattoo looks great on the fingers, ankle or wrist.

Sun and Moon Tattoos


Bleeding moon tattoo

Moon tattoos and sun tattoos are popular choices for friends and couples. This is because these opposing celestial bodies represent the harmony between two opposites. If you’re getting these tattoos for yourself, they can also symbolize two sides of your personality.

Why Small Tattoos Are A Great Idea

With these simple tattoo designs in mind, you might be all for having a small tattoo. But if you’re considering getting yourself inked with a small design, consider the following reasons behind getting a small tattoo:

  1. They’re adaptable. If you change your mind about the tattoo, you don’t have to get rid of it immediately. You can easily rework it or redesign it. If you want to change the look, you can easily do so.
  2. They age gracefully. Smaller tattoos age more gracefully compared to their bigger versions. No need to worry about your tattoo’s look when you age or become pregnant.
  3. They are budget-friendly. If you are on a budget, a small tattoo lets you have your cake and eat it too. Smaller tattoos are quicker and more affordable compared to bigger pieces.
  4. They are easier to remove. If you regret your tattoo, a smaller tattoo comes with lesser pain and discomfort. No need to worry about tattoo removal pain.

Small is beautiful, especially with your tattoos. If you want to get a tattoo for the first time or are looking for discreet body art, you can’t go wrong with a small tattoo.


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