Top Ways to Have a Great Summer

No matter where your location is, summer is always a good season to do some activities. Because of the pandemic, however, the activities you can do during the summer are limited. Not everyone can go outdoors and spend time with friends, just like how people spend their summer vacation before the coronavirus outbreak.

Here are some recreation activities that you can do to liven up your summer experience without compromising safety and still following government protocols:

1. Inflatable pools

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, not many people can swim at the beach or swimming pools. To still enjoy the refreshing coolness of swimming on a hot day without compromising our safety, we use inflatable swimming pools. The beauty of inflatable swimming pools is that we can conveniently store them when we no longer want to use them just by defeating them. It doesn’t take much space, and there are many cheap inflatable pools available for sale on online platforms such as Amazon.

2. Board games

If you are not a fan of spending time outdoors because of the sun’s scorching heat, you can still enjoy your summer vacation by playing board games indoors, where it is cool, thanks to the air conditioner. Various kinds of board games are available in the market, and you can find whichever suits your taste. Playing board games with your family in the safety and comfort of your home is a great bonding activity without compromising everyone’s health.

3. Arts and crafts

Another enjoyable recreational activity that can be done indoors is creating art and craft. You can find scratch papers and other materials that are no longer in use and turn them into art. You can recycle anything around the house and make it fun by doing it with everybody. This is a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly recreational activity.

4. Hiking

This summer, people in many parts of the world will go out and experience the parks, go hiking, and have recreational activities in open spaces, which is a splendid idea for the summer months. It’s also an excellent time to reconnect with nature, providing a sense of soothing and certainty during times of stress and uncertainty. 

Going on a short or long hike on a trail with lots of trees is an excellent way to enjoy the summer vacation while staying fit. You can find any secluded area in the mountains and go on a trail with your friends and family. You are still safe as long as there aren’t many other people in the area. You might find a calm lake or waterfall that you can swim in to cool down.

5.Horseback Riding

When it comes to horseback riding, it is a gratifying and available venture for everyone. It equips you with a chance to detach from the outside world, journey on trails, and explore different places during summer. Once you have already had control of the headstalls, you are now one with the horse, and you can go wherever you want in the field.

6.Have a Picnic

Organizing an outdoor summer picnic is becoming increasingly common as a new way for people to see each other in small groups. Each person can bring their outdoor picnic table, preferred food, or even buy ready-made food in the grocery or fast food. 


Camping is a low-risk activity if you are not vaccinated and only have close contact with the people who live with you. 

Camping can be a fun activity to participate in during the coronavirus pandemic, as long as you follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations. Camping is a relatively low-risk activity in the current situation as long as you maintain social distancing, wear a mask at all times, and practice good hygiene. 

8. Movie night

After doing so many activities, it’s nice to relax and enjoy a good blockbuster with a fantastic company. Summer vacation is all about having a great time. You can have a good laugh while watching Keenen Ivory Wayans’ “White Chicks“ or experience thrill and suspense while watching Jordan Peele’s “Us.”

As the COVID-19 is still prevalent, you and everyone around you must take suitable safety precautions to shield yourself and others. It is essential to take into consideration all the safety protocols in doing all of these activities.

These are eight ways to liven up your summer. No matter how you spend your summer, it will also be fun with the right people. These are just a few ideas to add to the list of your summer to-do list, though. Do whatever seems enjoyable while still staying safe.


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