What Your Style Says About You

• Colors drawn to express personality are black for deep thinkers, blue for gentle and kind-hearted, and vibrant colors for confident and positive people.

• Tailored and fitted silhouettes suggest organized perfectionists, while loose-fitting styles point toward creative, independent thinkers.

• Accessories like custom jewelry indicate uniqueness and appreciation of finer things in life and express outgoingness and confidence.

• Reflecting on one’s style can reveal a lot about their personality and how one want to be perceived by others.

Have you ever stopped to think about what your fashion and style say about you? The way you dress reveals a lot more than the clothes themselves. It speaks volumes about who you are, your tastes, and how you want to be perceived. Whether you prefer bright colors, muted neutrals, tailored silhouettes, or relaxed fits, your style expresses your personality. Here’s how fashion can tell you so much about your identity.

The Colors You Wear Reveal Your Personality Traits

The colors you choose to wear say a lot about your personality. This is because colors evoke certain emotions and communicate information about us. Here is some example:

When You Like Wearing a Lot of Black

Wearing a lot of black may indicate that you are a deep thinker and introspective. You’re intense but also mysterious and like to keep your cards close to your chest. It could also mean that they are independent and self-assured.

What Wearing a Lot of Blue Means

If you like the shade of blue, you will likely be reliable and dependable. People who wear blue tend to be gentle and kind-hearted. You also take comfort in the familiar and enjoy sticking to a routine. It might indicate calm and collection.

When You Like Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors like red, yellow, and orange suggest energy, enthusiasm, and passion. If you prefer bright colors, you’re likely confident and have a positive outlook on life. It could also mean you’re outgoing and enjoy being the center of attention. Also, this could suggest you are passionate and creative with a zest for life.

A woman wearing a yellow and white stripes crop top on a yellow background

Your Silhouette Choices Reflect Your Confidence Level

Your silhouette choices are another great indicator of what kind of person you are. The silhouette could mean different things:

Tailored and Fitted

A tailored and fitted silhouette is when you opt for a more structured look with sharp lines and fitted clothing. If you tend to gravitate towards this style, you are often confident, organized, and comfortable taking charge. You may also be a perfectionist who likes things the way you want.

This may also indicate that you are confident and have a good sense of style. You like to feel put together and polished, so you opt for fitted silhouettes that flatter your shape. You prefer classic pieces that never go out of style.

Loose-Fitting Styles

A loose-fitting style is when you prefer a more relaxed and comfortable look. If this describes your style, it could mean you’re laid-back and don’t take yourself or life too seriously. It may also indicate that you are creative and an independent thinker who isn’t afraid to break the rules. You like comfort above all else and prioritize feeling good over being fashionable.

Your Accessories Speak Volumes

Your accessories are a great way to express yourself. Accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, hats, and scarves can creatively showcase your personality. Here’s how accessories can tell a story about you:

If Your Prefer Custom Jewelry

If you like custom jewelry, it could mean that you’re unique and independent. It says that you’re willing to express yourself unconventionally. Custom jewelry also shows that you appreciate the finer things in life and have a great eye for detail. A custom-made ring, for example, can reflect a special moment in your life or signify a powerful emotion.

If You Like Big, Bold Sunglasses

Woman wearing a big, round blue sunglasses

Big, bold sunglasses suggest that you are an outgoing, confident person who is unafraid to stand out. You’re a trendsetter who isn’t afraid to take risks and try new things. These glasses will also help you keep your secrets and are a great way to hide your emotions.

If You Prefer Chunky Jewelry

Chunky jewelry can mean you’re creative and not afraid to take risks. It shows that you’re bold and confident in your choices. Wearing chunky jewelry is also a way to draw attention to yourself, which means you’re comfortable in the spotlight. For instance, a big, dangling necklace will make a statement and command attention.

No matter your fashion choices, you’re likely communicating something about who you are. How you dress and accessorize can tell you much about who you are and how you want to be perceived. So next time you get dressed, take a few minutes to reflect on what your style is saying about your personality. You may just learn something new about yourself!


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