Budget-friendly Ways to Surprise Your Stressed Spouse

Life is stressful. Whether you’re happily single or in a healthy relationship, getting stressed out is inevitable. And with the current difficulties the pandemic has brought to everyone’s physical and mental health, finding ways to relax has become one of the priorities.

With that being said, here are six affordable ways you can surprise your significant other to relieve the overwhelming stress that this world brings.

Give her a spa day

Nothing epitomizes relaxation more than a day of pampering in the spa. With $150 or less, you can give your partner the best spa packages in town. That involves skincare treatment for the face and the body, both manicure and pedicure with a foot spa bonus, a wide variety of beauty services to choose from, and aromatherapy to boot.

You can also get your spouse massaged by professionals. There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a visit to a chiropractor. And if you need more time to save for any of these, you can always do it yourself. Nothing says I love you more than massaging your partner’s feet after a long tiring day.

Do the dirty work

In the realm of service as a love language, there is no better way to pamper partners than treating them like royalty. Clean the house and do every chore for at least a week. By doing so, you’d give your spouse enough time to process what’s on their mind. Just lying comfortably in bed for the whole day is a luxury not everyone can enjoy.

Handing out DIY household chores coupons can also add a fun twist. Getting your partner a few “get out of washing the dishes” cards along with a couple of “no chore day” passes that can be used at any preferable time can add a little spice to your daily lives.

And the best part of it all is that it’s free and time-flexible. Choosing this as a gift can help you reach the middle ground where romance meets financial discipline, surely something any partner wants to have right now.

Get creative with arts and crafts

Creating a symbol for your love and gratitude towards your special someone is a classic romantic gesture. Secretly getting craftsmanship classes like woodwork and pottery can be a great surprise. You can even watch online video tutorials to make it even more budget-friendly.

If time is not on your side, then writing love letters can be a good alternative. Genuinely and intricately wording out your feelings can melt any heart away. It can be a long letter confessing how strong your feelings are or short reminders of how grateful you are to their existence. Imagine opening the fridge to get a carton of milk and surprisingly seeing a cute, heartfelt note about how you bring flavor to your partner’s bland world. Feels good, right? 

Prepare dinner for two

Speaking of classics, romantic dinners are on the top-tier of the surprise list. And it doesn’t even have to be in a fancy restaurant. You can always opt for DIY dinner dates or go out on a picnic.

Cooking at home is a great option as well, especially if you’re known as someone who can’t cook to save your life. Investing time to learn how to cook your spouse’s favorite dish screams hopeless romantic. Putting in the effort to prepare a great table setting shows how much you care. And keeping it a secret till the moment of truth takes more discipline than you could ever think of. 

Travel down memory lane

In connection to dinners, recreating your first date can also be a great surprise. With everything that’s been happening around the world, everyone’s thought of getting back to the past, whether they admit it or not. Recreate the moment when everything was simpler, safer, and more relaxing.

From the food to the background music, make sure everything is authentic. This won’t only show how much effort you’ve put in making your partner feel special, but it will also let them know how much you value your time together by remember every single detail.

Making it more about her personal life is also another way to go. Since the pandemic started, the chances of feeling isolated have risen at an extreme pace. Contact your spouse’s circle and prepare ways for them to get back together. Focus on the logistics and make it a stress-free event where they can enjoy the company of their friends without any inhibition. Just like how it used to be before you came. 

Book a weekend getaway

Lastly, book a weekend getaway. Nothing beats stress more than an escape. Prepare at least a couple of days for an escape from this chaotic world and all the responsibilities in it. Book a hotel and mindlessly enjoy the weekend. To make it even better, book it just for your partner. You know your spouse wants some “me time.” Make their dream come true and get out of the way. Surely, the hugs you’ll receive come Monday would be the tightest you’ve ever felt.

The bottom line

These are just some budget-friendly ways you can make your significant other feel special. Your surprises and gifts should be adjusted depending on your partner’s personality and preferences. Keep in mind that these kinds of surprises don’t have to be just for a day. Making your loved ones feel special isn’t only for times when they feel stressed. And most importantly, remember that your partner’s happiness will always be priceless no matter your budget.


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