Menswear Trends in 2021: How The Pandemic Sets the Gentlemen’s Fashion and Clothing Style

The COVID-19 pandemic has imprisoned the majority of people in their own homes. Even after a year has passed since the outbreak, people rarely go outdoors. If they do, they’ll observe health and safety measures due to the threat of the various coronavirus strains.

Because of the stay-at-home orders and restricted movements, have you ever wondered if people even care about what they wear? What about men who aren’t really into fashion and style as much as women? It’s easy to dismiss these questions as the focus is on health and wellness amid the global health crisis.

But surprisingly, we’ve seen trends in menswear that are relevant to pandemic situations. There are particular clothes that the gentlemen prefer to wear while staying indoors and even working from home. They also put on certain outfits when they have to go outdoors.

That said, here are top fashion trends for men during the pandemic:

1. Get comfy at home

As most men get stuck at home, what better way to wear than opt for comfortable clothes? As such, it’s easy to see men wearing thin cotton fabrics, fitted tailoring, and simple designs. They go for plain shirts and simple short pants. When it comes to menswear in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, comfort is the key.

2. Go big and loose

On the other side of the spectrum, men can opt for something big and loose to get comfy at home. Let’s take the BTS’s music video for “Life Goes On.” The members are seen wearing their pajamas, quite reflective of the most gentlemen in the pandemic. That is not to mention the oversized silhouette as the best option for a hoodie. It is very comfortable and versatile to wear. So if you want to chill at home, go for big and loose clothes.

3. Add some layers

Layering had become all the rage among fashionable men at some point in time. However, its undeniable popularity has ensued during this pandemic. Why? Its fitted form and flexible fabric are ideal for the utmost comfort and a bit of style. Also, add some patterns and heat transfer vinyl or HTV bulk designs in most clothes, and one can pull off the best look. Ultimately, putting on this layered appearance is perfect for house leisure and remote work.

4. Capitalize on functionality

When it comes to menswear in a pandemic, we cannot ignore the value of functionality. For one, wearing face masks has become a thing during this global health crisis. Some gentlemen toss out the blue-and-white disposable masks bought from pharmacies. They opt for something manly and stylish so that they can sport a certain look. They even wear joggers and sweaters to be fully covered for protection against the novel coronavirus. When they get home, they immediately get these washed or disinfected.

man working remotely

5. Dress up for WFH

There’s no denying the impact of the pandemic on the formal fashion industry. With the remote work and cancellation of occasions, many individuals have left their business casual and formal attire in the closet. But men, in particular, still put on their blazers during virtual meetings. They dress up a bit to look a little formal in the video. When the video conference ends, they are quick to remove these and continue with their work.

6. Opt for sustainable clothing

In recent years, there has been a push for sustainable clothing. However, this has all the more amplified during the pandemic. Now, we cannot take the demand for local and handmade clothes for granted. Why? This choice is practical for prudent male consumers looking to save up during this unprecedented time. At the same time, this option is a great way to help local businesses thrive amidst a global crisis. Ultimately, men should partake in the call for sustainable clothing now and in the years to come.

7. Make a statement

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many individuals are looking to make a bold statement. Some men, in particular, are out in the streets making protests and calling authorities to take the right steps to combat the pandemic. They wear clothes with strong statements, not to impress but to get their messages across. It’s incredibly impressive how fashion and style through clothing can convey a powerful message.

Fashion and clothing styles are ever-evolving. Let’s take the COVID-19 crisis, where menswear stays relevant to the pandemic situations. That said, consider the 2021 menswear trends outlined above. They focus more on comfort, functionality, statement-making, and sustainable clothing. It’s apparent these trends are indeed adaptive to the changing times.


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