“First Kill:” Netflix’s Upcoming Vampire Drama is Out To Get You

The 2010s ushered in a different kind of vampire genre to the movie and TV scene: gorgeous immortal creatures bathing in angst and forbidden romances — while worrying about high school proms and college degrees. Yep, it was all about the teenage vampire angst. And it seems like the 2020s will be taking a page out of the 2010s book with a new vampire series on Netflix.

If you missed the “angst mixed with vampires” genre made popular by the “Twilight” saga and “The Vampire Diaries,” you’re in luck. Netflix’s upcoming vampire drama series “First Kill” will satisfy your thirst for such films or TV series.

First Kill: Everything You Need to Know About the Plot

So, what is this vampire drama series going to be about?

“First Kill” will follow Juliette, a teenager who wants to take her place amongst her powerful vampire family. To do so, she must make her first kill. Juliette finds her prey in Calliope, who is the new girl in town. It should be an easy kill, but Juliette discovers that this isn’t the case since Calliope is a vampire hunter and her family are celebrated vampire killers.

What started out as a predator-prey situation might become a predator vs. predator story as Juliette and Calliope try to kill each other. But will they end up falling for one another instead?

The first season of “First Kill” will have a total of eight seasons. Each episode will have a runtime of approximately 60 minutes.

First Kill Cast and Production: The People Behind the Monsters

Juliette will be portrayed by Sarah Catherine Hook (“The Conjuring 3,” “Monsterland” and “NOS4A2”) while Imani Lewis (“Farewell Amor,” “Killer Among Us” and “Vampires vs. the Bronx”) will portray monster hunter Calliope.

Joining the leads are Aubin Wise (“Atlanta”), Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”), Will Swenson (“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”), Gracie Dzienny (“Jupiter’s Legacy”), Dylan McNamara (“Ambition”) and Dominic Goodman (“Better Things).

The Fairmont family (the vampires of the story) includes Swenson as Sebastian; Mitchell as Margot; McNamara as Oliver and Dzienny as Elinor. On the other hand, the monster-hunting Burns family is composed of Wise as Talia; Goodman as Apollo; Moore as Jack and Mullings as Theo.

“First Kill” is based on a novel written by V.E. Schwab, who is also writing the TV series along with Felicia D. Henderson. Apart from being co-writers, Schwab and Henderson are both executive producers. Henderson has already done work in many popular TV series like “The Punisher,” “Empire” and “Gossip Girl.”

Karah Preiss and actress Emma Roberts will also executively produce the series under Belletrist Productions.

Emma Roberts & Karah Preiss

First Kill’s Production Status

It is unknown when “First Kill” officially started filming. Some reports suggest that the production team started filming the first season towards the end of April, but according to IMDb, the filming started in July 2021.

Will It Be Another “Twilight?” Thoughts Concerning “First Kill”

While many fans are anticipating the release of “First Kill,” there are skeptics that consider the series as “just another version of Twilight.”

The premise of the series is nothing new. After all, we have seen these archetypes and tropes before, with the “Twilight” saga and “The Vampire Diaries.” Modern-day vampires are no longer seen as terrifying or bloodsucking monsters. Nowadays, they are beautiful and sentimental immortal teens who go to high school or college and deal with a lot of angst — which doesn’t sit well for a lot of horror or vampire fans.

The image of vampires that are portrayed in the young adult genre reflects one another, from Damon Salvatore to Edward Cullen. If you change the monsters and then you have “Supernatural,” “Shadow Hunters” and “Teen Wolf.”

With “First Kill,” the question is will it bring something new to the table? Can it set itself apart from the supernatural teenage drama trope and restore the former glory of vampires? Or will it leave fang-shaped holes in the heart with teenage angst?

Romeo And Juliet, But Make It Twilight

The story of “First Kill” is reminiscent of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Two people from opposite camps, both raised to hate the other, are forced to face each other. To secure her place in her family, Juliette must make her first kill while Calliope, being a vampire slayer, was raised to eliminate vampires like Juliette.

“First Kill” brews a sapphic teen romance with vampires and vampire slayers. We’ve all seen this trope before, though. But it is interesting how the studio will portray an LGBT+ vampire love story. Can they seamlessly portray the cultural differences and struggles Juliette and Calliope must go through without looking like another “Twilight” film?

Another Vampire Romance We Can All Look Forward To

“First Kill” is yet another vampire series we can anticipate on Netflix. So, if you’re a big fan of modern-day vampires but with a twist, look out for this show!


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